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The Deaf Lottery draw is giving you the ultimate...

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The Deaf Lottery Australia is giving you the chance to win and choose your favourite prize! What’s better than being able to choose a prize that best suits your lifestyle? With a choice from 4 fantastic prizes, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. Each 1st prize is valued at $850,000, so keep reading to see how you can change your life by supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia.

The Deaf Lottery draw 184 is now closed, however you can purchase tickets in new draw 185 here.

Prize Option 1: Investment or Lifestyle

How would you like to turn $850,000 into a shiny new lifestyle with a brand new home? This prize will enable you to design and build your dream home. Whether it’s to suit your life with children or for a relaxing retirement, it’s up to you! You can build your home in a location of your choice and include anything you desire.

The Deaf Lottery prize option 1

Prize Option 2: Mortgage Buster

No one likes the word “mortgage”. This prize helps you remove the burden from your life. You will win $20,000 towards your dream car, and the rest to use as you please. You might choose to purchase a modest car to allow for more money towards your mortgage. Or perhaps you’re on top of your mortgage and are ready for the sports car of your dreams. It’s entirely up to you!

Win your dream car

Prize Option 3: Getaway Lifestyle

If you can’t sit still in one place or are deserving of a relaxing holiday, this is for you. This prize allows you to win your choice of a motorhome or caravan, PLUS a 4-wheel-drive of your choice. You can spend the leftover money on whatever you’d like. Travel the country in your own private luxurious motorhome and stop wherever you desire.

Deaf Lottery prize option 3

Prize Option 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle

If you need a combination of motor vehicles, travel and home, you could pick prize option 4. You will win a minimum of $20,000 towards motor vehicles, marine craft, and travel vouchers. The remaining $750,000 can be used however you like.

Getaway prize

You can get tickets to the new The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 184 on the Oz Lotteries website. The draw closes on Sunday 22 March 2020.

Sunday, 14 May 2023

The Deaf Lottery Australia’s Recent Winner

We all want to be the lucky winner that walks away with their dream prize. This became a reality for Shannon, who won draw number 181. Shannon was over the moon, and now truly believes that “Life-changing things can happen just by supporting a good cause”.

Shannon chose prize option number 2 – the Mortgage Buster. After deciding to put $755,000 of her prize towards her mortgage and bills, the other $95,000 went towards her dream car.

Shannon’s son LOVES cars and had a great time test driving luxury cars with his mum. Check out the sporty Jaguar E-Pace that Shannon bought for her and her family. What a dream!

jaguar e-pace

Shannon’s win didn’t start sinking in until she received a paycheck and realised she could do what she wanted with the money. It was the first time it wasn’t going towards a bill.

She is looking forward to being able to help her kids in the future when they are planning on buying houses. It’s been challenging to explain to the kids that ‘normal’ life isn’t changing, but their future will be easier and less stressful. The family is remaining grounded and themselves.

If you want the chance to win and live life like Shannon, you can enter in the new draw 184.

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