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The Deaf Lottery Winners Celebrate!

Deaf Lottery Winners Celebrate

Imagine winning your choice of incredible $800,000 prize. What would you do? How would you spend it? To give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled together some recent stories of how lucky Deaf Lottery winners celebrate!

Sunday, 28 July 2024

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Mum’s life changed forever

The Deaf Lottery 190 Winning Ticket: 1302676

A mother from Maleny, QLD, is speechless after winning $830,000 in the Deaf Lottery draw 190. As a contract administrator and mum of two, the winner is short of time and patience. It took a cheer from the Deaf Lottery team for the news to sink in that she had won an $800,000 prize. Even more, she won a $30,000 bonus gold bullion as a prize for purchasing a $100 VIP ticket book.

She shared how much the prize means, particularly for her family. With rising rent prices and children looking at cars, she may look into the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle prize option. However, escaping the rental market with the Investment Lifestyle package is certainly another exciting option!

“I’m always on Real Estate Australia having a dream. I’m going to hop on right after this call as well, let me tell you!” 

A Christmas to remember

The Deaf Lottery 189 Winning Ticket: 0736395

A man from Mermaid Waters, QLD, was overjoyed to learn his snap decision earned him a Christmas present he would never forget! The Deaf Lottery draw 189 initially thought the Deaf Lottery call was a prank. Fortunately for the winner, the call was legitimate and ended making the man $830,000 richer!

The win explained how he first began supporting Deaf Services when he saw a stunning Aston Martin in a shopping centre on the Gold Coast. After chatting to a team member, he purchased a $100 ticket book. Luckily, this ticket book not only had the winning ticket, but also means he win a bonus $30,000 gold bullion prize!

Speaking with officials, he shared that the prize was a great relief for him. Having worked for over 30 years straight, he was at risk of burning out. Now, he plans to use the money to invest in property, help his family out, and travel in the longer term.

I thought, what the hell, it’s Christmas and now … you couldn’t have given me a better Christmas. I had my 50th birthday recently too, but didn’t do anything for it, so it’s like a birthday present as well. It’s just incredible.” 

Hard work pays off

The Deaf Lottery 188 Winning Ticket: 0597797

A breakdown mechanic from North Haven, SA, was midway through his shift when he received a life-changing call. Deaf Lottery officials were thrilled to let the winner, Steve, know he had won $800,000 in the Deaf Lottery draw 188.

Steve has been a supporter of the Deaf Lottery since April 2019, following a Facebook post. He explained that while he didn’t have a personal connection to the Deaf community, he was happy to contribute to such a good cause.

Even better, as a $30 Deaf Lottery VIP, he is now taking home a bonus prize, bringing his windfall to $810,000! The hardworking man shocked officials when they asked how he planned to celebrate the win. He shared that he needed to finish his shift today and due to an early start tomorrow, he will probably only go for a meal with his wife. Fortunately, after telling her about the win, Steve’s wife popped some champagne to celebrate!

“At this stage, we’re thinking about the new house or car, but we’ll keep chatting and work out what’s best for us.”

Peace of mind for retired winners

The Deaf Lottery 186 Winning Ticket: 0380492

A retired couple from Victoria Park, WA are celebrating winning $800,000 in the Deaf Lottery draw 186. Officials from Deaf Services contacted the lucky supporter to tell him the good news. As many would, the winner initially thought it was a hoax call and asked to put his wife on the line instead.

His wife explained that the winner was hard of hearing, and that his brother is Deaf, as was his father. They are loyal supporters of the Deaf Lottery and have been purchasing tickets since 2009. She explained that they continue to support the cause to help people like her husband and his brother.

The win brings peace of mind for the recently retired winner. The couple look forward to sharing some champagne to celebrate and taking time to decide on how they plan to spend the windfall. They hope to visit family, help their children out financially, and take a leisurely trip in their brand new car!

“A few people have said, ‘how did you win that much money?’ I say to them that there’s one trick to it: buy some tickets!”

Deserving health care worker wins $870,000 prize

The Deaf Lottery 185 Winning Ticket: 1447114

The winner of the Deaf Lottery draw 185 was speechless after discovering he had won a supersized $850,000 first prize. Even more, he is also the winner of $20,000 in gold bullion from buying a $50 book of tickets.

As a health worker, it has certainly been a difficult year for the Wagga Wagga man. With the rest of his family in Syndey, the news of his windfall has made things easier. He shared how his mother had worked as a carer at the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children. However, it was a friend sharing a post on Facebook that led him to support the Deaf Lottery since April 2020.

While the winner is looking to keep the news to just his immediate family, he is looking at how he might use the prize.

“I’ve been looking to get into the housing market and this is certainly a great way to do it! This is just so fantastic.”

Caring Queenslander pinching himself

The Deaf Lottery 184 Winning Ticket: 1400969

A Forest Lake man is in disbelief after the Deaf Lottery officials called to let him know he was the winner of draw 184. With a mega $850,000 first prize, plus $20,000 in gold bullion from being a VIP member, the winner described the news as, ‘an enormous pleasure’!

The humble man has been a supporter of the cause and was surprised to learn his support led to him winning an enormous amount. He has worked for a medical supplies company, though shared his connection with the Deaf community extends over 20 years to his days as a nurse. Incredibly, he learned some sign language to communicate with a client who was Deaf.

While he still needs some time to decide on how to spend his prize, the winner had some thoughts in mind!

“My wife and I have been trying to get finance for some home renovations, but the bank just knocked us back. We’re now going to pay off our mortgage and then tell the bank where to go!”

For your chance to win like these supporters, make sure you buy the Deaf Connect ticket in the next Deaf Lottery Australia draw. Best of luck!

Sunday, 28 July 2024

Draw 215 closes in:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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