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This deaf woman wanted the confidence to communicate

Cheryl was born deaf but grew up in a hearing environment. Her family didn’t really understand deaf culture. She had to write notes to communicate and try and understand others. It took a long time to gain any understanding of what a person was trying to tell her.

With the help of services funded by The Deaf Lottery Australia, Cheryl received support and access to interpreters to assist her in daily life. This gave her the confidence to stand up for her rights and become more independent.

Deaf Services’ Lifestyle Support Service delivered an average of 525 hours of support each week last year.

She feels that she has a better future now that she can do things for herself. Through learning and understanding, Cheryl no longer relies on her family to help her communicate. She said that while life in the past “wasn’t great”, she now has the confidence to achieve her goals.

The Deaf Lottery made it possible

Deaf Services is a leading not-for-profit organisation providing support to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians across all age groups. As a not-for-profit organisation, Deaf Services relies on the generosity of the community to continue to innovate and provide new and exciting services and programs to the community.

Deaf Services is supported by its fundraising program, The Deaf Lottery Australia. Every ticket purchased supports the delivery of programs that empower the Deaf community to live full and independent lives. With your generous support, Deaf Services is able to realise the vision of Deaf people empowered, connected and achieving.

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Your impact

Here’s how your support helps Deaf Services:

  • Auslan only camps - $25
    $25 contributes to Auslan Only camps for children and families.
  • Subsidise fees - $75
    $75 reduces the fees for clients who choose Deaf Services as their approved provider of home care.
  • Hear for Kids program - $150
    $150 provides resources for children enrolled in the Hear for Kids program.