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Meet The Deaf Lottery Winners Across Australia

L165 Winners

Winner, winner!

Four lucky ticket holders have become The Deaf Lottery winners and have changed the lives of the Deaf and hard of hearing with their support. But they’ve also changed their own lives after each winning first prize!

A woman from Redland Bay in Brisbane’s East nearly hung up on the phone call of a lifetime after receiving one too many calls that day. Thankfully she didn’t because the news “literally took [her] breath away.”

“I believe I told [the lottery official on the phone] that I loved him. He did just tell me I had won $600,000! I remember asking him to repeat himself several times – I couldn’t believe him.”

The stunned woman had just been informed that she was the winner of The Deaf Lottery draw 162, giving her a choice of four first prize options valued at $600,000. The hardest part would be choosing! There are several prizes on offer including a luxury home, cash, gold bullion, marine craft, motor vehicles, motorhomes, caravans, trucks, motorbikes and farm machinery!

“My husband and I are both pensioners with a large mortgage, so we chose the Mortgage Buster option.” The first prize option consists largely of gold bullion and cash, plus a portion of prize money to be spent on the car/s of their choice. “The first thing we will do is pay off our home and start living a more comfortable and stress-free life.”

“Of course, we are planning on spoiling the grandchild. And taking our kids on an overdue family holiday to Europe.”

The Deaf Lottery winners said they would like to thank The Deaf Lottery. Not only for the “wonderful surprise” but also for enabling them to support such a worthy cause. “If you told me when I began supporting the Deaf community through The Deaf Lottery eight years ago, that I would one day be a first prize winner, I would not have believed you!”

Retired and hitting the road!

The lucky winner of the next Deaf Lottery draw 163 was a retired man from Mackay in North Queensland. He was so excited to be named the winner of the $600,000 first prize that he decided to make a trip to headquarters in Brisbane to meet the team.

“Are you serious!” was all he could say after receiving the good news from lottery officials over the phone. The man made plans to purchase a brand new car on his Brisbane road trip back up the coast. He also planned on visiting children and grandchildren along the way.

“I think I will visit my family; they are extremely excited to see me,” he said. Retiring from a long career as a diesel fitter, the winner told lottery officials he was looking forward to a long holiday touring the great Australian outback in a brand new caravan.

“I am extremely grateful for the work that The Deaf Lottery Australia does. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the winner of the $600,000 first prize.”

Deaf Lottery - Win a Prize

Another dream come true.

It took three missed calls before the “speechless” winner of The Deaf Lottery draw 164 finally picked up the phone to hear that he was $635,000 richer. As a first prize winner, he is offered a selection of four first prize options valued at $600,000. But he also won a bonus $35,000 gold bullion after purchasing a ticket book!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” exclaimed the man from Mitchelton, a Brisbane suburb. “I think I need to sit down…”

He told lottery officials that the reason for his Deaf Lottery purchase was that he “really wanted the motorhome. I’ve been dreaming about where I would take it on my great Australian holiday.” The winning man also said he planned to spoil his children and grandchildren along the way.

“It is a great cause and I’m extremely grateful for this amazing prize!”

And again!

Finally, the Deaf Lottery winners of draw 165 told lottery officials that their “spur of the moment” ticket purchase while on holiday at the Gold Coast was their best investment ever – after realising they had won their choice of four $600,000 first prize options! The couple purchased a ticket book meaning they received a bonus prize of $35,000 gold bullion.

The lucky couple settled on the Mortgage Buster option. They chose it to give them the maximum amount of gold bullion of all the prize options. Lottery officials were overwhelmed to help the couple live more comfortably and allow them to continue to follow their dreams.

You too could become The Deaf Lottery’s next big winner. But you have to get your tickets in the draw first!

Check out the latest draw and the four first prize options and purchase your Charity lottery tickets now for your chance to win. Tickets are on sale now from Oz Lotteries.

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