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Deaf Lottery Winners Are Grinners

Congratulations to the Deaf Lottery Winners!

You might have seen the incredible prizes on offer in the Deaf Lottery draws. But now’s your chance to learn about some of the lucky Deaf Lottery winners and what they chose to do with their winnings! Check out the winners stories from three of the most recent first prize winners.

FIFO worker’s life-changing call - Deaf Lottery Winner Draw 205 

The winner of draw 205 had just landed on the ground for work when a life-changing call came through from the team at Deaf Lottery. The winner shared that he is hard of hearing and resonated with the Deaf Connect cause and mission. 

As the first winner of Deaf Lottery, he had the choice between four incredible prize options. However, he chose the Drive Away Lifestyle option, and decided on a brand-new Toyota Hilux to enjoy! The remaining prize money was then provided to him in cashable gold bullion, leaving endless opportunities to spend, save, or invest. 

Three time winner and VIP - Deaf Lottery Winner Draw 206 

Having acquired industrial deafness from serving in the Australian military, this winner was quick to sign up as a Deaf Lottery VIP and support the cause. 

The Draw 206 winner explained how despite initially leaning towards the house package, he ultimately decided to go for the Drive Away Lifestyle option. 

“Given I was going to go touring the country anyway, may as well do it in style. The great thing is, choosing the drive away lifestyle option means I can have the best of both worlds. I can have my nice shiny new metallic beige ute and I can get a house with the remaining gold bullion.”

Amazingly, the winner not only scored the $800,000 first prize in draw 206, but three prizes overall in Deaf Lottery draws! He also won second prize in Lottery 201 and a $30,000 Book Buyers prize for his support as a VIP. Congratulations! 

Resigned and relaxed - Deaf Lottery Winner Draw 207

This winner was overjoyed to learn that he could now take a break from financial stress. He explained how eager he was to purchase a townhouse and invest in himself and his hobbies. As a hobby stock market trader, the winner is excited to take some extended time off from work and explore his trading options with his newfound winnings!

"I want to press the reset button and make choices that lead to a healthier, more rewarding life. This win has given me the assurance to pursue my passions, explore new avenues, and create a brighter future for myself. I'm going to have time to get back into my fitness, rejoin my running club and take on exciting adventures, after a fancy weekend away with loved ones, I’m going to go diving with great white sharks in South Australia " 

The winner expressed his gratitude for the Deaf Lottery as an opportunity to win but also contribute to a great cause. 

Congratulations to these lucky winners! Will you be the next Deaf Lottery winner? Make sure to get your tickets in the latest draw for your chance to win! 

Sunday, 16 June 2024

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