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Deaf Lottery Winner Stories!

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The Deaf Lottery Australia is a great charity that helps many Australians with extensive services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Also, they change the lives of people who support the charity! The Deaf Lottery Australia gives you the chance to win a choice between four amazing prizes $650,000 first prize options.  Below, some of the previous winners share their stories.

Lottery 166 Winner – Mortgage Buster Prize Choice – Total Prize: $655,000

Scott* was on his way home from work when he received a phone call. Not one to usually answer calls during this time, Scott was excited to try out the new handsfree car speakerphone. He decided it was a perfect opportunity to try it out and decided to answer the call. It was a good thing that he did because it was a representative of The Deaf Lottery! They got to tell Scott that he was the winner of Draw 166 and that he had won $600,000 1st Prize, plus a $55,000 Book Buyers Prize. Scott and his wife support The Deaf Lottery as VIP members for over 2 years. He decided to take the Mortgage Buster Option for their prize. They were able to treat themselves to a new Audi Q2 and BMW 4 Series Coupe! They will be spending the remaining $530,000 on a long overdue European holiday with their three children.

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Lottery 167 Winner – Mortgage Buster Prize Choice – Total Prize: $635,000

The thought of winning a lottery prize seemed like it could never happen to Abby*. Still, she has been a The Deaf Lottery VIP supporter since 2015. “A good friend of ours had been supporting the Deaf Lottery for years. Since the birth of their first son who was born profoundly Deaf. We were lucky enough to see firsthand the amazing work the Deaf Lottery does for the Deaf community. We couldn’t be happier to support such a great cause.” When Abby* received the phone call that she had won the $600,000 Lifestyle Lottery along with the additional $35,000 Book Buyer Prize, Abby was in shock. When asked how she would spend her $635,000 winnings, she responded with “An Australian adventure”.

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Lottery 168 Winner – Mortgage Buster Prize Choice – Total Prize: $$650,000

Jenn* received the ultimate Christmas gift- a call from The Deaf Lottery manager advising her that she had won the $650,000 Christmas Lottery and the additional $35,000 Book Buyer Prize. When she was asked what she was going to do with her $685,000 winnings, her response was simple.

“My husband and I own a farm in rural Queensland. We’re about six hours away from our home. Between supply runs and visiting my family who live on the coast, I can drive up to 21 hours a week. It just makes sense to invest our winnings in a reliable new car.”

Jenn had opted to take the Mortgage Buster prize option. This allowed them to get a new Holden Colorado 4 x 4 Dual Cab Ute and still allowed them to invest $635,000 into their farm.

Lottery 169 Winner – Mortgage Buster Prize Choice – Total Prize: $705,000

Adam* who was the winner of The Deaf Lottery draw 169 still has one of the best responses to a win. When a representative called to tell him that he won, he joked “How long do you think I can keep this from my wife?”. Adam is currently the biggest Deaf Lottery winner, winning the $650,000 1st prize and an additional $55,000 Book Buyer Prize. He chose to purchase a new 2018 Toyota Hilux Single Cab Ute. With the remaining funds, he intends to pay off their mortgage and save the rest of their winnings for their children’s schooling.

Kids having a fun time - Deaf Services helping kids

Why the Deaf Lottery?

Not only does it give you the opportunity to win $650,000 in prizes, but ticket purchases also support a great cause.

The Deaf Lottery Australia is a fundraising program. Conducted by Deaf Services, it is the leading service provider for the Deaf and hard of hearing. The funds that are raised through the sale of lottery tickets help fund Deaf Services for communities across Australia.

For your chance to win and support a great cause, purchase your tickets online today.

*Names changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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