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Meet Some of The Deaf Lottery Australia Winners!

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In every The Deaf Lottery Australia draw, 115 lucky people win a fabulous prize. It’s not often we talk about the minor prize winners, so we thought we’d share the stories of some recent The Deaf Lottery Australia winners.

Draw 181 Winner

Miriam from Croyden, South Australia was lucky enough to win 3rd prize of $3,000 in draw 181. She was cooking dinner when she decided to give her email a quick check. It was there she received the exciting news!

She instantly relaxed when hearing this news. Miriam has recently been dealing with a classic Aussie issue – possums in her ceiling. With her prize money, she can now afford to get some gutter guards, and keep those pesky possums out!

brushtail possum

The rest of her winnings will go towards her mortgage. Congratulations to Miriam!

Draw 180 Winners


Carolyn was doing some shopping at Hornsby Westfield Shopping centre when she came across a Deaf Services display. It was here she found out about what Deaf Services do and how the lottery tickets contribute to that.

She has happy to support the cause because both her and her husband of 29 years wear hearing aids. She bought herself a book of tickets and forgot about it. Weeks later she was checking her emails and found out she’d won 5th prize of $2,000!

Carolyn was so pleased with her win and is using it to pay bills and take her family on a holiday.


Donelle is a single mother to 2 beautiful kids and a teacher for students with disabilities and learning difficulties. She has overcome many hardships since her husband passed away, and this win was a pleasant surprise.

Donelle will use the money to deservingly spoil her children and herself. She is motivated by her work with children to continue to support the Deaf Services Australia.

deaf lottery winner

Congratulations to Donelle!

Draw 179 Winners


Sarah* from South Australia won 5th Prize of $2,000 in draw 179! She is a very deserving winner, working six days per week as a disability carer to make ends meet. She is grateful for this win as it allows her to slow down working for a bit and have some time to herself.

Sarah regularly donates to many charities, like The Deaf Lottery Australia. She does this to support the causes, not because she wants to win. Sarah never dreamt of winning, so when she saw this email she was over the moon. She said she wasn’t going to fully believe it until the money hit her bank account.

the deaf lottery australia winner

*Name changed to remain anonymous


Deborah from Pine Mountain, Queensland, won 2nd Prize of $5,000 in draw 179. She was checking her emails when she came across her win, and had to call The Deaf Lottery Australia to confirm it wasn’t a scam!

Deborah is a generous lady, who moved back in with her parents to help her mother look after her father when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She sold her house and moved in so she could be there all the time.

It was a hard time for her family, especially when her father passed away. The situation was made worse when her father’s health insurance didn’t pay the full death benefits. Her father’s body was donated to the university which assisted slightly with funeral costs, but they still had to borrow some money from family.

This win was a godsend for the family. They used it to pay off debt and for some upcoming bills. Deborah also took her mum on a deserving holiday. She still lives with her mum and they take care of each other.

Be the next The Deaf Lottery Australia Winner

You could be one of the next The Deaf Lottery Australia winners by purchasing a ticket in the current draw. The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 185 closes on 17 May, 2020, at 11:55pm AEST. Goodluck!

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