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Oz Lotteries Deaf Lottery Winner’s Life Changed

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Deaf Lottery is always a popular charity lottery for Oz Lotteries customers. With four $800,000+ prizes to choose between, there’s something for everyone! It’s even more exciting when the first prize winner is an Oz Lotteries member! We’re thrilled to share the winner’s journey of our very own winner from Deaf Lottery draw 196. 

Oz Lotteries Deaf Lottery Winner

Oz Lotteries member Steve* was at a Christmas party when he received a call from Deaf Lottery’s team. The team are used to winner’s often not believing them when they deliver the winning news. However, Steve was described as a ‘down to earth’ guy and was simply ecstatic when told he was the winner of $830,000 worth of prizes. 

Not only is he the first prize winner of draw 196, but he also won $30,000 of gold bullion as he had purchased a $100 ticket book. Steve explained that he played a large amount because the chances of winning are better than a commercial lottery. He is right and now $830,000 richer!

Deaf Lottery gives winner’s the chance to win their choice between four $800,000 first prize options. He chose to select a newer and upgraded model of his current car and took home the remainder of the prize value. 

“I’m currently looking for a house. Which is something I never thought I would say. I had to sell my previous house five years ago, and I’ve been renting ever since. I didn’t think I would be able to buy again.” 

In fact, he was thrilled that the win actually meant he could have both a home and a car from the Mortgage Buster option. 

“The prize is great, because with the car, the cash option and the gold bullion – well, it’s like my lifestyle completely changed with just one phone call.” 

Newfound passion

Steve discovered the Deaf Lottery through one of our Oz Lotteries emails. He did some research into Deaf Connect and the Deaf community in Australia and which sparked his interest further. He is now aware of just how important communication is to those in the community. In fact, he is even now committed to learning Auslan!

“I’ve noticed some Deaf community members coming into the store lately, and I probably hadn’t really thought about it before. I’m keen to take some classes to learn a few signs, so I can communicate a little with [Deaf and hard of hearing people] when they do come in. You know, say “G’day” and make them feel welcome.” 

We wish our Oz Lotteries Deaf Lottery winner the best of luck! 

If you want the chance to change your life like our Oz Lotteries Deaf Lottery winner, make sure you get your ticket for the next draw. You could be next! 

* Name has been changed to protect the winner’s identity.