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This man with an intellectual disability dreamed of independence

Living with an intellectual disability and no family support, JP moved to Hervey Bay to start a new life. A challenging venture for anyone, he faced finding a safe place to live, a reliable job and friends in his new community.

Five years ago, JP found Endeavour Foundation where he was able to move into a supported independent living arrangement and finally have a home of his own.

Endeavour Foundation supported more than 4,000 people with a disability last year.

Not only that, but with the support of Endeavour Foundation, JP started a new job in supported employment at the local Timber Mill. JP loves where he lives, and he loves his friends. He’s made an incredible life for himself in Hervey Bay and it’s all thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.

Endeavour Foundation made it possible

Endeavour Foundation is dedicated to helping people with disability live fulfilling lives, working together to turn possibilities into a reality for each individual according to their own interests and priorities. They’re at the heart of local communities - offering choice, opportunities and personalised support in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

When you support Endeavour Foundation you‘re providing opportunities for people with disability to live their best life; from learning life skills, living independently, finding a job they love and being actively involved in their local communities. Through the generosity of supporters like you, Endeavour Foundation provided services and support to more than 4,000 people with disability last year.

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Your impact

Here’s how your support helps Endeavour Foundation:

  • Accommodation:
    You help to build modern, accessible houses so people with an intellectual disability can choose where and with whom they live. You‘ll be supporting people to live more independently, develop their living skills and exercise more control over their lives.
  • Work:
    Having a job is an important part of an inclusive and empowering community for people with intellectual disability. You‘ll be providing opportunities for people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests and be involved in the community.
  • Social and community participation:
    Endeavour Foundation’s learning & life skills programs provide independence, confidence, life skills and social participation for people with intellectual disability.