28 March 2019, By Mark Reidy

More Ways To Win Superdraw!

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How would you spend $20 million if you win Superdraw? Where have you wanted to travel to? Would you see the Northern Lights or visit the Greek Islands? Or would you buy the dream house you have always wanted? The choice is only limited by your imagination.

We’ve put together a guide to help answer your questions about Saturday Lotto Superdraw and how you can get the best out of playing the $20 Million Superdraw!

Where do I buy Superdraw tickets?

You can purchase a ticket in a Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdraw from the Oz Lotteries website or from our free Oz Lotteries app. You can view the draws in advance by changing the draw date. Play at home or on the go, anytime, anywhere.

How do I play Superdraw?

Superdraw is a special draw event for Saturday Lotto. You can choose to play a Standard, System, Syndicate or Super Combo ticket. Next, you can select your own numbers or play a QuickPick, where our system randomly generates the numbers for you. Each game gives you 6 numbers. Match all 6 numbers to win Division 1! Above all, you get to decide how often you’d like to play. You can choose to play for a few draws, just once, or every week. It’s all in your control.

There are different ticket options available for you to increase your chances of winning.

What is a Syndicate ticket?

A Syndicate is a group of people who pool their money together to play as many lotto entries as possible. When an entry played by the group wins, the prize is shared equally among all the members of the Syndicate. Players in a Syndicate get an instant increase in their chances of winning because each player boosts the total games, playing a more significant entry offering more games for less, with more chances to win! Oz Lotteries offers different commercial Syndicates you can join. We take care of dividing all costs and winnings among Syndicate members, all you need to do is sign up. You can choose a Superdraw Syndicate by clicking here.

What is a System ticket?

Simply put, a System allows you to pick more than just the allowed 6 numbers for each lotto game. For instance, a “System 7” allows you to pick 7 numbers, while a “System 8” allows you to pick 8 numbers, and so on. The highest amount of numbers you can pick is 20 which is a “System 20”. In a System, your entry is equivalent to playing every possible 6-number combination from your selected numbers. For instance, if you played a System 8 (which has 28 possible combinations), your entry is equivalent to playing all 28 possible combinations of 6 numbers from your 8 selections. You can play a System entry from this Saturday’s $20,000,000 Superdraw by clicking here.

What is a Super Combo?

A Super Combo entry lets you enter number combinations than a standard game entry but does not cover all possible number combinations of a selected set of numbers like a Systems entry would. Each type of Super Combo has a different combinatorial design that will result in a different pattern of number combinations. You can choose a Superdraw Super Combo for this Saturday’s $20 Million Superdraw by clicking here.

How do I win Saturday Lotto?

Here’s what winning number combinations you need for Saturday $20,000,000 Superdraw:

Divisions for Saturday Lotto

When is Superdraw drawn?

Superdraw entries close at 7:25pm AEST/8:25pm AEDT and is drawn at 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT. Superdraw is broadcast on 7TWO. You can also live stream the draw online on the 7plus website.

How can I check my results?

All Oz Lotteries customers can choose to receive the latest draw results straight to their inbox. You can also check your ticket or search past draws on the Oz Lotteries website or app.

Feeling lucky? Try your luck in a $20 Million Saturday Superdraw.

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