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Oz Lotteries $30 Million Powerball Winner Plans Fantastic Life

We’re celebrating our Oz Lotteries $30 Million Powerball Winner! Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, but few can actually claim they have. For a family in NSW, the dream has turned into a reality!

Oz Lotteries $30 Million Powerball Winner

“Um, I've never really had this conversation before but I'm the winner of the $30 Million from last night.”

It's a phone call many of us can only dream about, but one Oz Lotteries customer from NSW got to experience a life-changing phone call! 

After our support team member confirmed that he had in fact won $30 Million in the Thursday 13 April Powerball draw, the man and his family were overjoyed and were heard celebrating together over the phone.

“Oh my god. There’s 3 of us. It's me, my wife, and then my brother in law.”

It was a joy to hear the family celebrating! After all, it’s not every day someone wins $30 Million an we’re so glad they won with Oz Lotteries! 

The winner shared that he discovered the win shortly after the draw.

“We found out at like 9pm last night, like through the app and then we were paranoid. We showed people. Is this a win? I was checking every freaking like 10 minutes and then it came through the app, “You're the winner”. I feel speechless. My mind is blown!”

In complete disbelief, he explained how surreal it all feels. 

“I just got everyone over to watch the footy and then we were joking around, joking about winning the lottery and then I checked my app… the feeling is just insane. The amount of adrenaline… we jumped around, we blasted music, we were running around, celebrating.”

Our team member asked if there were any early plans for how they might spend the money. The winner was ecstatic, sharing that it wasn’t just him this would affect.

“Trust me, this couldn't have gone to like a better family. We’ve been grieving our brother. I had major surgery. This is gonna set so many people up. It’s amazing. My wife is pregnant so she is going to quit her job. And we’re going to go house hunting!”

Of course, with $30 Million you can treat yourself too! In good spirits, the winner shared that he could finally buy a Lamborghini! 

“That's my dream car - I've wanted that car since I was like six months old. I'm going to have a fantastic life.”

Congratulations to our Oz Lotteries $30 Million Powerball winner! 

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