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$10 Million Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH*

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Saturday 10 April 2021 brings a special event – Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH! Boosting the Division 1 prize pool to $10 million, Saturday Lotto is giving you more chances to win big this Saturday. That means that the weekend could bring up to ten new Saturday Lotto millionaires! 

What is Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH?

The Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH is a special $10,000,000 jackpot event that happens only twice a year. It replaces the regular $5,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw on a Saturday in spring and autumn. You have the chance to win a share in $10 million Division 1 prize pool, as opposed to the regular $5 million. Each Division 1 winner gets a pretty $1,000,0000, if there are 10 or less winners. If there are 11 or more Division 1 winners, the $10 million will be equally divided among them.

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

How does Million-YEAH draw work?

Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH is a little different from the regular Saturday Lotto draw, where a jackpot of $5,000,000 is equally divided between Division 1 winners – be that one or ten. Million-YEAH draw offers a Division 1 prize pool of up to $10,000,000, and guarantees a $1,000,000 prize for up to 10 Division 1 winners. If there are less than ten winners, they still get $1 million guaranteed. If there are more than ten winners, then the prize pool is equally divided between them.

The game mechanics are the same as a regular Saturday Lotto draw. You still require six matching numbers to win, and the odds of winning are the same. You can also purchase the same ticket types:

You can read more about each ticket type by clicking the links above.

How do I win Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH?

You will need to match 6 winning numbers in a single game to win Division 1 in Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH. The winning numbers don’t have to be in a specific order. You can view the prize divisions breakdown below.

Million-YEAH Division 1 Prize Breakdown

We have broken down in the table below the possible prize winnings for this Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH. This gives more people the chance of becoming a millionaire!

Number of Division 1 Winners Prize
1 $1 million guaranteed
2 $1 million each guaranteed
3 $1 million each guaranteed
4 $1 million each guaranteed
5 $1 million each guaranteed
6 $1 million each guaranteed
7 $1 million each guaranteed
8 $1 million each guaranteed
9 $1 million each guaranteed
10 $1 million each guaranteed
11 or more Share $10 million

Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH Prize Divisions

The 6 prize divisions for Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH:

Division Winning Combination
Division 1 6 winning numbers
Division 2 5 winning numbers + 1 supplementary
Division 3 5 winning numbers
Division 4 4 winning numbers
Division 5 3 winning numbers + 1 supplementary
Division 6 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementaries

What are Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH odds of winning?

Each prize division has different odds of winning. The odds of winning a Division 1 prize in Superdraw are much greater than winning Division 1 in other lottery games! A breakdown of the odds is below.

Division Odds
Division 1 1:8,145,060
Division 2  1:678,755
Division 3 1:36,689
Division 4  1:733
Division 5 1:297
Division 6 1:144

When is the Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH Draw Time?

The Million-YEAH is on this Saturday 10 April 2021 and is drawn at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT. After this special event, the jackpot will change back to $5 million for Saturday Lotto draw the following week.

When do Million-YEAH Entries Close?

Entries for Saturday Lotto close at 7:25pm AEST / 8:25pm AEDT on Saturday evening. So make sure you grab your Million-YEAH ticket early.

Can I play Online Syndicates for Saturday Million-YEAH?

You can play Saturday Million-YEAH syndicates via Oz Lotteries website or app. Shares start at $18.00 and Oz Lotteries organises the remaining shares in the syndicate for you. You can only buy these Syndicate tickets 6 days from the draw. If you’d prefer to play with friends, you can enter to play together using Oz Lotteries’ exclusive Lotto Party feature.

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

Where can I get the Saturday Million-YEAH results?

Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH draw is conducted at 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT on Saturday, same time as a regular Saturday Lotto draw. Live draw can be viewed on 7TWO. You can also live stream the draw online on the 7plus website.

Last Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH Results

The most recent Million-YEAH special event was on Saturday 28 November 2020. There were 3 lucky Division 1 winning entries, each winning a massive $2,579,223.01 prize. The winning numbers were: 20, 10, 35, 34, 18, 37 with supplementary numbers 41 and 7.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are those that have been frequently drawn for Saturday Lotto. Cold numbers are those that are not frequently drawn. You could use these numbers as inspiration for your next ticket.

Hot Numbers Cold Numbers
1 2
18 44
11 14
22 30
12 28
40 4

Feeling lucky yet? You could very well be next Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH winner! Buy your Saturday Lotto ticket from Oz Lotteries now.

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