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Meet Our Oz Lotteries Powerball Division 1 Winner

Join us in congratulating our first Oz Lotteries Division 1 winner for 2023! We’re celebrating our latest $4 Million Powerball winner from draw 1390 Thursday 5 January 2023.

Congratulations to our Oz Lotteries Powerball Division 1 Winner!

Even better, Powerball was won by Oz Lotteries customers two weeks in a row! Thursday 29 December 2022 was a mind-blowing $100 Million draw 1389, and was won by an Oz Lotteries customer from NSW, and two others. 

Powerball Draw 1389 Winner Results

Our Powerball winner in draw 1389 was the only winning Division 1 entry. He purchased his usual PowerHit entry on Oz Lotteries and is now the winner of the entire $4 Million prize pool!

The winning numbers were: 5, 13, 27, 21, 7, 9, 35. The Powerball was 6.

Furthermore, his PowerHit entry also scored an incredible nineteen Division 2 prizes, bringing his total prize won to $4,768,862.51!

Meet our Oz Lotteries Division 1 winner

While thousands purchase their tickets each week in lottery draws, the thought of actually winning seems too good to be true. That was certainly the case for our $4 Million Powerball winner! 

The NSW man was completely unaware of the lifechanging news until he received a call from our Customer Support team. He hadn’t checked his emails or results from the draw and never thought he would actually win. 

After confirming with our team he was overjoyed, yet admitted it all felt, “very surreal and hasn’t sunk in yet! I can’t believe something like this has actually happened to me!”

The Powerball Division 1 winner is eager to share the news with his parents. When asked if he had any plans for how to spend the winnings yet, he confessed he hadn’t thought about it too much. He plans to keep working but is looking forward to a much-needed holiday! 

Congratulations to our winner! 

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