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Funny Reactions To Winning Lotto

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Have you ever imagined where’d you be or what you’d do if you found out you had won lotto? It could sound too good to be true for some, and make others incredibly happy.  Everyone reacts differently, but here are some reactions some true lotto winners have experienced.

Shocked woman winning lotto


A woman in her forties from Woden in south Canberra was “speechless” when she realised she was the sole winner of a massive $35,000,000 Powerball jackpot.

“Wow!” she said. “This is surreal!”

She took her 50-game Quickpick ticket to a local newsagency the day after the draw to have it checked and could not believe that she had one.

The shocked woman said that she never expected to walk out of the newsagency a brand new multi-millionaire. “I’ve never won anything before!” she said. “I still can’t believe this is happening.”

Shocked Man won lotto


A man from country New South Wales was astounded to find out he was one of two Division 1 winners of the $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw, winning $20,000,000.

The man was in complete shock when Lotto officials contacted him personally to break the news, and had trouble believing that it was actually happening. “I thought he was having a go!” he exclaimed. “I thought someone must have been joking.” It all became very real when he logged onto his Oz Lotteries account and checked his balance. “Usually I’d see $50 or $100, and then I saw all those zeroes. That’s when I started to shake! Very excited!”

Man in disbelief


A Man from Enfield in Sydney’s inner west won $100,000, but did not believe it when he received a phone call announcing his win.  He hung up several times when he received a call from NSW lotteries because he thought they were trying to sell him something.

“What are you selling me? Sorry, whatever it is I don’t want it.”

NSW Lotteries waited 6 minutes and then called him back again to explain that he actually won money.

“You’re joking! You’re joking! Are you really serious? And I didn’t even answer your bloody calls! I’m sorry there are just too many advertising and marketing nuisance calls always trying to sell you something — I just never expected I’d get a phone call about winning money,” he said.

Shower head with running water

Caught in the shower

A man from Mitcham in Melbourne’s east, was interrupted having a shower when he heard his winning lotto numbers being announced on the TV.

“They went – 11, 12, 18 – and I’m going, yep, yep, yep,” he said when asked to describe that moment. “At that point, I just dived out of the shower!” The winning man said it was “such a weird feeling” that he thought he had “lost the plot”, but a quick check of the TattsLotto results online proved that he was suddenly $684,477.50 richer.

“I’m over the moon,” exclaimed the TattsLotto winner, who purchased his winning 12-game Standard ticket from a local newsagency in Mitcham. He told lottery officials that he had been playing the same numbers for more than 30 years and never missed a draw.

Man answers lotto phone call on train

Answer the phone call on the train

A man realised he was the sole winner of the $10,000,000 Oz Lotto draw when he received the notifying phone call on the train.

The winner’s 4-game Standard ticket was purchased from a local newsagency and was the only one to match all 7 winning numbers from Tuesday’s draw. The shocked winner told lottery officials that he had made a split-second decision to play his favourite numbers and it paid off big time.

“I can’t think straight!” he exclaimed. “I am so surprised, I am off the planet, I’m tripping off the moon!”

Happy and smiling builder


“This is ****ing awesome!”

A Gold Coast construction worker was on site when he received a phone call from lottery officials informing him that he was the $20,000,000 Oz Lotto winner.

“This better not be a windup,” he said, “since I’m saying goodbye to the blokes at work now! I’m never coming back here!”

The tradie was ecstatic to hear that he had become a multi-millionaire overnight but couldn’t believe his ears at first. “Is this real? This is bloody unbelievable! Oh my god!” After a quick apology for the bad language, the shocked Oz Lotto winner went on to say that he had expected the call to be from a telemarketer, but that this was “much better.”

Shocked young woman

Piercing scream

A winner from Bateau Bay, on the NSW central coast, let out a long ear-piercing scream before breaking down into tears of joy when she found out about her $1,000,000 win in Monday Lotto.

After calming down, the winner confessed she couldn’t believe she had won.

Tatts Group Lotteries spokeswoman said the usual response from winners is a simple, high-pitched squeal.

What would your reaction be if you won lotto? Try your luck and buy a ticket at Oz Lotteries today.

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