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Oz Lotto Winner Receives Call On Train

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Last night’s Oz Lotto winner has already been found! A Maroondah man was stunned to receive a phone call from lottery officials while on the train into work this morning. We don’t know if he was in the quiet carriage, but we think he could be spared a moment of celebration when he realised he was the sole winner of the $10,000,000 Oz Lotto draw!

“I can’t think straight!” he exclaimed. “I am so surprised, I am off the planet, I’m tripping off the moon!”

The winner’s 4-game Standard ticket was purchased from a local newsagency and was the only one to match all 7 winning numbers from Tuesday’s draw. The shocked winner told lottery officials that he had made a split-second decision to play his favourite numbers –“to think I may not have done it!” and it paid off big time.

“It’s going to change my life,” he said. A lotto win of this size is an incredibly overwhelming prospect for most people, and it takes time to figure out how to deal with such a life-changing event. Here are five useful tips to guide you through the process:

  • don’t make rash decisions
  • decide your life goals
  • seek independent financial advice
  • reduce your debt
  • invest in your future

For now, the $10,000,000 Oz Lotto winner plans to “take it easy.” He intends to let it all sink in and “do the right thing” to ensure he gets the most out of his winnings and set himself on a “bright path” toward his next stage in life. Helping out family was also on his to-do list, plus a new car and overseas travel.

He still couldn’t believe his luck at the end of the phone call. “Hopefully I don’t get struck by lightning on the way home,” he joked.

You could be Australia’s next multi-millionaire, but you have to be in it to win it! Get your ticket online for Thursday’s Powerball draw now.

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