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Tradie Quits Job After Winning $20 Million

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“This is ****ing awesome!”

A Gold Coast construction worker was on site when he received a phone call from lottery officials informing him that he was the $20,000,000 Oz Lotto winner. It didn’t take him long to embrace his new multi-millionaire status – before the call was even over, he had put down his tools and decided to hang up his tool belt for good!

“This better not be a windup,” he said, “since I’m saying goodbye to the blokes at work now! I’m never coming back here!”

The tradie was ecstatic to hear that he had become a multi-millionaire overnight but couldn’t believe his ears at first. “Is this real? This is bloody unbelievable! Oh my god!” After a quick apology for the bad language, the shocked Oz Lotto winner went on to say that he had expected the call to be from a telemarketer, but that this was “much better.”

After a lifetime of construction work, the $20 million prize means a world of difference to the grateful tradie, who will now be able to enjoy an early retirement. When asked how he’ll use the money, he already had a plan in mind. Renovating and paying off his house would allow him to get his affairs in order, but improving his golf game was the real focus.

“I’ll actually have the time and money to be good now,” he joked.

The winning Division 1 ticket, a 50-game Quickpick, was purchased from a local newsagency and was the only winning ticket in the $20,000,000 Oz Lotto draw on the 5th of July. All seven numbers were matched which landed the entire jackpot.

You could be next, but you have to be in it to win it! The current Powerball jackpot is worth $6,000,000 and you can get your official tickets online up until 7pm AEST on the day of the draw.

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