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$50 Million Oz Lotto

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The $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot is on Tuesday 4 October 2022! Oz Lotto rarely reaches jackpots this high, so this is not the one to miss. Can you imagine how good life would be after winning $50,000,000? We’ve put together all the details you need to know for playing and winning $50 million Oz Lotto.

When is the $50 Million Oz Lotto Draw Time?

$50 Million Oz Lotto draw will take place this Tuesday 4 October 2022 and is drawn at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT. Oz Lotto is a rolling jackpot lottery, which means that the jackpot will roll over to next week and become larger if it is not won.

When do Oz Lotto Entries Close?

Entries for Oz Lotto close at 7:25pm AEST / 8:25pm AEDT every Tuesday evening.

What is the best Oz Lotto ticket to buy?

There are three most popular ticket types for Oz Lotto:

  • Oz Lotto Standard – one Oz Lotto game has 7 numbers, from 1 to 45. You can play as many games as you want on a ticket. You can choose a QuickPick, where numbers are automatically generated on your games. Or you can pick your own numbers for each game.
  • Oz Lotto System – allows you to play more than 7 numbers. You can choose from 8 to 20 numbers giving you more chances to win, across multiple prize divisions.
  • Oz Lotto Syndicate – is a group of 10 people buying a ticket, where the cost of the ticket is shared equally among the members of the group. This allows to get a larger combination of numbers and increase the chances of winning. If the syndicate wins, the prize money is equally divided among the syndicate members.
Oz Lotto - 8 Million

Tomorrow – 9:27 am $8 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

Can I Play Oz Lotto Syndicates Online?

You can play Oz Lotto Syndicates online through Oz Lotteries. Individual shares begin at $29, you can buy one or several share in a Syndicate. The best part – Oz Lotteries organises the remaining shares in the Syndicate for you. If you’d prefer to play with friends and family, you can organise your own Syndicate and buy shares together using Oz Lotteries’ exclusive feature Lotto Party.

What are the Oz Lotto Winning Prize Divisions?

There are 7  prize divisions in each Oz Lotto draw. These divisions are:

Division Match Odds
Division 1 All 7 main winning numbers 1:62,891,499
Division 2 Any 6 main winning numbers 1 supplementary number 1:2,994,834
Division 3 Any 6 main winning numbers 1:242,825
Division 4 Any 5 main winning numbers 1 supplementary number 1:26,271
Division 5 Any 5 main winning numbers 1:4,497
Division 6 Any 4 main winning numbers 1:182
Division 7 Any 3 main winning numbers 1 supplementary number 1:71

Recent Oz Lotto Results

The last $50 million Oz Lotto draw was on Tuesday 25 January 2022 and the winning numbers were: 17, 31, 22, 11, 26, 36, and 4, with supplementary numbers 16 and 6. The Division 1 was won by 2 lucky entries.

$50 Million Oz Lotto Winner

The most recent $50 million draw was draw 1458 in January 2022. It was won by two entries, each taking home $25,000,000!

Previously, in November 2021, a woman and a Victorian syndicate of ten were shared Oz Lotto winners! Read their story here: Oz Lotto $50 Million – Double Division 1 Winners!

Another exciting win is from July 2020, when the $50,000,000 Oz Lotto jackpot went to one lucky winner. It is all the more exciting as it is their first-ever ticket! You can read about their story here: $50 million Oz Lotto winner’s beginner’s luck!

You can read about another recent $50,000,000 Oz Lotto winners and what they will do with their winnings on our blog.

$50 Million Oz Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are the ones that frequently appear in Oz Lotto draws. Cold numbers, on the other hand, are the ones that don’t come up as often. You could use these numbers as inspiration for your next ticket.

Hot Numbers Cold Numbers
33 10
7 38
28 42
25 24
45 18
27 11
26 14

Still got questions? Check out our handy guide of everything you need to know about Oz Lotto. Furthermore, if you need any assistance before or after your purchase, you can contact our friendly Oz Lotteries Customer Support. They are available Monday to Saturday, between 8:30am and 8:30pm AEDT.

If you’re all set, you can grab your $50 million Oz Lotto tickets here!

Best of luck!

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