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Oz Lotto $50 Million – Double Division 1 Winners!

Oz Lotto 50 Million Winner

Australia had not one, but two jackpot winners in the November $50 million Oz Lotto! The winners both won Division 1 in draw 1446, on Tuesday 2 November 2021 – each taking home an impressive $25 million. Even better – while there were two winning entries, one was a Victorian syndicate, meaning there are now 11 multi-millionaires! 

This Tuesday $3 Million

Oz Lotto - 3 Million

Mackay mum looking to retire

A last minute decision to buy an entry has paid off for a Mackay woman to the tune of $25 million! Lottery officials reached out to her moments after the draw to break the news.

“Are you serious? I’ve won $25 million?!” 

The Mackay local was blown away by the news, and in total disbelief, saying, “This has got to be wrong! Are you sure it’s me?”

Once officials were able to confirm the results, the win started to sink in. They asked the woman if she had any plans for spending the prize money. She shared her initial plans to help her family and admitted, “I’ve always said I would retire if I won the lottery – it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing!”

Her System 8 QuickPick entry not only scored Division 1, but also Division 3 seven times, bringing her windfall to $25,025,538.45!

10 Victorians share in winning syndicate

The second Division 1 winning entry is sure to be a celebration! The entry was a Syndicate ticket belonging to a group of 10 Victorian players. In addition to the Division 1 win, they score Division 2 seven times and Division 7 fourteen times, bringing their total windfall to $25,131,059.25 – that’s over $2.5 million each! 

The shares were sold across 10 different retailers in Victoria and some winners are yet to discover their win, as they had not registered the ticket. With Oz Lotteries, all your tickets are registered and linked to your online account – you’ll never lose your details or tickets again. Plus, winnings are paid directly into your Oz Lotteries account right after the draw.

Oz Lotteries Division 2 Winners!

Oz Lotteries was fortunate to have three Division 2 winners in the $50 million draw. The players just missed the jackpot with 6 of the 7 main numbers required to win. However, they still take home an incredible Division 2 prize of $18,692.35 each!

One winner was unaware of his win when our customer support team reached out the following morning. He hadn’t opened the results email and was oblivious as to why we were calling. Once we broke the news, the lucky player shared how shocked he was and admitted he couldn’t stop looking at the results. The winner shared that this was his first time winning a major prize and looks forward to sharing the news. He has no plans at this stage for what to do with his winnings but is overjoyed.

Another Oz Lotteries Division 2 winner was aware of the win after reading his results email shortly after the draw.

“I was dumbstruck when I saw the email in bed. I shouted and woke the missus up and had her read the email to double-check!”

The elated winner shared that it is his first major win and has since told his family about the great news. While he admitted to checking how far off he was from the jackpot, he was still over the moon and thankful to have received a Division 2 prize. When our team asked if he had any plans, he was quick to answer. The first thing he’ll do is add a new pet to their family, with his heart set on a gorgeous Scottish Terrier! The family man was overjoyed with the win and explained, “This couldn’t have come at a better time with how tough the last 2 years have been. It’s a fantastic way to end the year!”

Congratulations to all the Oz Lotto $50 Million winners!

For your chance at becoming a millionaire, get your ticket in this week’s Oz Lotto. 

Oz Lotto - 3 Million

This Tuesday $3 Million

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