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Three Aussies Share $50 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot

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Three Australians went to bed with the best news – that they were Oz Lotto winners! They won a share of Oz Lotto’s $50 Million jackpot!

A woman from Carindale in Brisbane, Queensland. A man from Fairlight in Sydney, NSW. And a lucky person from Gwelup in Perth, Western Australia. They each receive $16,666,666.67 for correctly selecting the seven winning numbers.

The winning numbers were 2, 45, 29, 7, 23, 19 and 21 with supplementary numbers 37 and 43.

“Oh my god, you’ve stopped my heart. I need to get my heart fixed!”

When Oz Lotto officials called the Carindale woman, who had purchased a QuickPick ticket, and delivered the news, the winner screamed for several minutes – probably they longest they’ve ever heard on a winner’s call! She said “Oh my god, you’ve stopped my heart. I need to get my heart fixed.” Once she calmed down, she reflected and said she will share her spoils with family members.

The Sydney winner hung up on Oz Lotto officials on their first attempt of delivering the good news! Finally, they got the man on the phone for long enough to tell him he had won! The winner said he had a “feeling” he might win and “when you [first] rang I thought it was a bit strange”. He then picked up his ticket and “saw the numbers”. For him, it was fate, as he had selected the numbers based on family birth dates. He was overjoyed and confirmed he plans to invest his winnings and have “a happy life”.

“You don’t get much better news than this!”

After an expected wave of entries into the $50 million draw, and with almost 1/2 of Australian adults expected to hold a ticket, the winners must be feeling their luck today! The win is enough to change their lives and a range of options are now in front of them. From purchasing a new home, to starting a business, to travelling the world, and paying off their family’s mortgages; the choice is now theirs.

The last big Oz Lotto winner was a mum from Cairns in Queensland. In May, she won the entire $40 million jackpot by purchasing a ticket in a local newsagency. Unfortunately, because she did not hold an online or registered ticket. Therefore, nobody was able to identify the winner and she had no idea she had won for almost 2 days!

“I’m shocked actually, I just can’t believe it.”

In February 2017, a farmer from Mareeba, Queensland in his 50s won $15 Million. The man was unaware his phone was ringing off the hook, as he was hard at work in a paddock. Finally, when the man came in for his lunch break, he picked up the phone and found out he was a multi-millionaire! The man was at first in doubt “Are you serious?” Then taking in the news he said: “I’m shocked actually, I just can’t believe it.” He explained to officials through tears of joy that he “never thought this would happen to me”. He confirmed he had heard there was a winner in Mareeba and was going to check his ticket but thought “nah, it’s impossible that it’s me”. The win proved that everyone is in with a chance to win, as long as they hold a ticket!

When asked how he would spend his windfall, the down to earth farmer said “I’ll be able to help my kids and my family and buy a house for starters!” He said he has an interest in cars and now “I can buy the ute I’ve always dreamt of”. When asked if he would retire he said would not. Because “I’m a hard worker” and “you got to keep doing something otherwise you’ll go mad!”.

We wish the Oz Lotto winners all the best with their future!

For your chance to become a millionaire like our Oz Lotto winners here, you’ll need to be in it to win it! Make sure you get your ticket!

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