13 July 2016, By Mandy Paterson

$10 Million Powerball This Thursday

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There is a $10 Million Powerball jackpot is coming this Thursday, 14th July 2016!

Could you be the next Powerball millionaire? For your chance to win a massive $10,000,000 get your tickets online at OzLotteries.com.

Here’s a list of some helpful Powerball tips and tricks to help you stand a chance at a millionaire lifestyle:

Online Lotto Guide

We’ve put together a handy online lotto player’s guide which includes how to play lotto online safely, what games to play and on which days as well as some helpful hints and facts about when and how to play.

Powerball Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a lotto newbie or an experienced lotto player there are many ways to play Powerball online, here are the Top 20 Powerball Facts You Need to Know. 

10 Million Powerball this Thursday

Ticket Types

You can choose your ticket from a variety of ticket types – A PowerHit ticket increases your chances of winning by automatically playing every possible Powerball number, you can play a Standard or System ticket or gather a group of friends or work mates and play a Syndicate ticket. To find out more about how to play as a part of a Syndicate read this article.

Past Powerball Winners

Take a lookout this Oz Lotteries member lucky Powerball winner from West Footscray, a Melbourne suburb, who managed to win the entire $25,000,000 Powerball jackpot, and find out how they felt about their win!

Here’s a great story for you. A group of 14 factory workers, from west Sydney, won $40 Million with a PowerHit syndicate ticket.

Now that you know how to play, let’s start imagining what you would do if you won $10,000,000.

  • You could become completely debt free! No more student loans, or mortgages to pay, life could be a breeze knowing you have no debt left!
  • Would you invest it and continue growing it to create a sustainable, regular income? Imagine having a constant flow of cash every month that keeps growing!

10 Million Powerball this Thursday

  • What about a little self-indulgence? You could buy your dream home or your favourite car or even a whole car lot of your dream cars!
  • You could pay your parents back for all the money they spent on you growing up, or you could simply buy them a debt free house to spend the rest of their lives in and ensure they live comfortably.
  • You could donate some of it to a charity of your choice and help a valuable cause, or give back to your community and help it flourish.

One thing is certain – you have to be in it to win it! So be sure not to miss your chance at $10,000,000 with tomorrows Powerball – buy your ticket online now with Oz Lotteries and start imagining your new millionaire lifestyle!

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