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$120 Million Powerball Brings Massive Celebrations

120 Million Powerball Winners

The excitement over the incredible Powerball jackpot roll was all we could talk about this February. With $120 Million up for grabs for the first time, it was surely an exciting draw for everyone! However, the 7 week jackpot run went off with a bang when we saw two $120 Million Powerball winners. Sharing an almighty Division 1 prize pool, the players are now each $63,309,056.89 richer! 

Coffs Harbour’s new sports car

One of the lucky winners was a Coffs Harbour, NSW man. However, the entry sparked massive curiosity after it was shared that the ticket was not registered. This meant that the winner couldn’t be contacted until he checked his ticket the following morning. The middle-aged family man discovered his win after checking his ticket on the app and contacting officials.

When speaking with lottery officials, he shared that it was a complete shock, though very welcome! 

“Oh mate! It’s unbelievable! It’s like a dream come true. I just never thought I’d win like this. Happy days!” 

Officials celebrated with the winner and asked if he had any immediate plans. The winner was ecstatic to be able to plan ahead and shared that he had, “started a wish list already. Straight up – a red sports car, a new house, holidays, you name it. I also really want to look after my family.”

He also shared he was going to have a weekend of family celebrations, but would still go to work that day. He laughed, noting that he had been, “watching the news all morning, and they were saying someone’s won Powerball in Coffs Harbour. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I can’t believe that winner is me!’.”

WA wins with $63 Million Syndicate! 

While there is less known about the second winning entry, we do know that the entry belonged to a regional WA Syndicate. It is the biggest win for WA this year, and comes just months after the record-breaking $80 Million win in December 2021. 

The ticket was shared by 250 Kalgoorlie residents. This meant each share received $260,000 per person! The Powerball winning couple spoke to the media and revealed that they are now half a million dollars richer thanks to their two tickets. They shared that as travel agents, they were beyond grateful to have a win after COVID-19 decimated their business. 

“It’s just amazing, this will change our lives incredibly.”

Others were thrilled to be able to share it with their family, securing their homes for the future, and a well-deserved trip to Kmart! 

Powerball - 40 Million

This Thursday $40 Million

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$120 Million Powerball Results

The winning numbers were 6, 15, 9, 27, 32, 28, and 33, with the all-important Powerball 8. 

Here was the breakdown from Powerball draw 1345 on 24 February 2022.

$120 million Powerball winners

Oz Lotteries $120 Million Powerball Winners

Oz Lotteries was fortunate to have three Division 2 winners. The winners each take home a $77,385.90 prize. 

Overall, there were 36 division two winners sharing $2.7 million, and 5,558,090 winners in divisions two to nine who shared in $100,574,184.70 of prizes! 

Congratulations to all the $120 Million Powerball winners! 

Powerball - 40 Million

This Thursday $40 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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