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This timid stray dog needed the love of a new family

Abby was found as a young stray. She was timid and startled easily in the beginning. But this puppy turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs the vets had ever come across.

Support from RSPCA fundraising provided all the practical things Abby needed, such as a kennel, food, and vet care. RSPCA staff and volunteers were able to ensure Abby received all the medical treatment she required. And RSPCA’s volunteer foster program gave her the opportunity to be cared for in a home environment until she was ready to be adopted.

RSPCA sheltered and cared for more than 120,000 animals in one year.

After receiving vaccinations, and following a short stay in foster care, Abby was ready to find a new loving home. Because of your support, RSCPA cared for Abby when she needed help.

RSPCA made it possible

RSPCA is Australia’s oldest, largest, and most trusted animal welfare charity. Last year RSPCA centres took in over 120,000 animals! The RSPCA lottery helps fund this important work. This lottery is run by and for RSPCA in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Funds are distributed to the state that you reside in.

RSPCA believes that animals must be treated humanely. Where humans make use of animals or interfere with their habitat, they should bestow a level of care befitting human dignity as rational, intelligent, compassionate beings, and a level of care merited by the nature of the animal as a sentient creature capable of responding to human care and attention. Such care should be marked by sympathy, consideration, compassion and tenderness towards animals.

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Your impact

Buying RSPCA raffle tickets puts you in the draw to win one of our incredible prizes. Remember, a percentage of your support amount will go towards helping RSPCA animals in need across Australia. For example:

  • Bed and food for a kitten - $20
    $20 provides an unwanted kitten a bed, litter tray, meals, and a toy.
  • Kennel and food for 2 dogs - $60
    $60 provides a kennel, bath, meals, and toys for 2 surrendered dogs.
  • Animal cruelty inspectors - $100
    $100 helps keep animal cruelty inspectors on the road
  • Desex abandoned kitten - $150
    This helps an abandoned kitten so it can become available for adoption.
  • Vaccinations and microchips - $200
    Provides vaccinations and microchips for animals in remote and regional areas.
  • Veterinarian services - $250
    $250 helps keep emergency veterinarian services on the road.