You’re helping people like Mark with prostate cancer treatment

Sadly, a common story among many men in Australia, Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"My diagnosis came as a complete shock. At that point I didn’t really think too deeply about the seriousness of the diagnosis," Mark said.

His prostate cancer was frighteningly well advanced and Mark was referred to begin treatment at Mater Cancer Care Centre immediately. He began six gruelling rounds of chemotherapy treatment.

Mater hospitals see more than 500,000 patients every year.

For Mark, who is now in remission, personalised treatment control could have provided him with a better quality of life during this tough period. The good news is, we have already made great headway in improving the lives of men with prostate cancer thanks to supporters like you. We aim to continue this funding through our Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

Mater Foundation Brisbane is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of healthcare and medical research in, and beyond, the Queensland community.

Mater Cars for Cancer is one of the lotteries run by Mater Foundation Brisbane. Six lotteries are run each year, giving supporters a chance to win a ready-to-rev, high-performance V8! Tickets are limited for each lottery and are only $30, and the first prize value is always at least $150,000.

The best part about Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is that you know you’re supporting a great cause. All money raised through the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery helps fund medical research to diagnose and treat cancer. As an internationally recognised medical research institute, Mater Research is invested in preventing and treating conditions in people of all ages and helping them to enjoy healthier lives.

Support cancer research with Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

Mater Cars for Cancer lottery gives you a fantastic chance of winning an incredible high-performance V8, while also helping Mater to fight cancer.

Show your support for world-class cancer research happening at Mater today by purchasing tickets in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

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Thanks to your support, in 2018 Mater Foundation provided Mater Research with $13.6 million in funding for research into important health issues in your community.

Funding that has gone towards medical and clinical research to help treat, and ultimately prevent, a range of diseases including various cancers.

Your support of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery helps to fund:

  • Clinical programs and services
  • Education and training
  • Promising health research projects
  • Medical equipment
  • Mission activities

Every dollar makes a difference.