Win an $800,000 1st prize + $28,500 in additional prizes

Lottery No. 188
Drawn: 15 October 2020
Closes in 22 Days4 Hrs22 Min7 Sec

Win and choose from these amazing 1st prize options.

OPTION 1: Turn $800,000 into a brand new lifestyle and build your luxurious new home!

OPTION 2: Hit the road in your dream car and spend the rest of your prize money as you please!

OPTION 3: Travel in luxury in your very own caravan or motorhome, and spend leftover cash on your new lifestyle!

OPTION 4: Design your own dream lifestyle prize and escape to where you'd rather be!

115 prizes to be won! The total prize pool is valued at $828,500.

1st Prize Option 1: Build your dream home, $700,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
1st Prize Option 2: Win your dream car, $750,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
1st Prize Option 3: Your choice of motorhome or caravan & 4WD, $700,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
1st Prize Option 4: Your choice of motor vehicles, marine craft, travel vouchers, $700,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
2nd Prize: $2,500 cash.
3rd Prize: $1,500 cash.
4th - 5th Prize: $1,000 cash.
6th - 10th Prizes: $500 cash.
11th - 110th Prizes: $100 cash.
Early Bird Draw: 5 x $2,000 cash. Enter by 20th September 2020.

Early Bird Draw - $10,000 in extra prizes to be won!

There’s an extra $10,000 in Early Bird prizes to be won for purchases of $20 or more in consecutive tickets. Buy before 20th September 2020 for automatic entry into the Early Bird Draw.

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