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Oz Lotteries Customer is a $20 Million Powerball...

Oz Lotteries Powerball Winner

An Oz Lotteries customer from NSW is celebrating after learning he is now a $20 Million Powerball winner! The man held one of two Division 1 winning entries. Sharing in the $20 Million Powerball jackpot for draw 1288, he is now $10,000,000 richer! 

Congratulations to the $20 Million Powerball Winner!

The lucky winner matched all 7 main numbers and the all-important Powerball on his 18-standard game ticket. He shared the moment he realised he had won.

“I just can’t believe it! When I woke up this morning I checked my phone and saw a notification. I told my missus, “I think we just won $10 Million” and she could not believe it. She still doesn’t believe it and I still also don’t! I just can’t believe it.”

The winner was in disbelief, waiting for a call from our Oz Lotteries team. While he is soon to be a multi-millionaire and had a restless night, the man shared that he still went to work today, as he was still uncertain about the win. 

This Thursday $150 Million

Powerball - 150 Million

That Winning Feeling

As a relatively new member of Oz Lotteries, our team asked if he had ever won a prize. The Powerball windfall is certainly the largest, though he mentioned a recent $1,000 win from the pokies. The kind father of three shared some of those winnings with his children and put the rest away in savings. He never expected to win anything even close to $10 Million, though admits he was playing in hope of winning something. 

When asked about how he might look to spend his winnings, the new multi-millionaire had his plans ready! 

“I already worked it out on my head. We will give some money to our families.” 

Not only is he a deserving father and family member, the kind man is a loyal friend.

“My best mate and I talked about paying each other’s debt. He has about $1 Million of debt and I will help pay that out.”

With a future free from financial-stress, the winner is bound to live a great life. However, he isn’t hoping for luxury homes or vehicles, like some winners.

“My wife and I have always wanted to buy a farm so we plan on buying one.”

Congratulations to the Powerball winner!

Powerball - 150 Million

This Thursday $150 Million

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For your chance to win like these lucky Powerball winners, make sure you buy your Powerball ticket in the next Powerball draw. Best of luck!

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