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Historical Powerball Results

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If you’re looking for some lucky numbers to pick for this week’s Powerball draw, you can delve into the historical Powerball jackpot winning numbers for some inspiration. To win one of the smaller divisions all you need is just 2 little numbers and the Powerball… Doesn’t seem like much at all, right? Choosing those 2 numbers, or the 7 it takes to make it into the big-time winning divisions, plus the Powerball, is all a game of luck but from past Powerball results, we can see that certain numbers go through a bit of a hot streak every now and then.

With a little research on your side, maybe you can have a bit more luck than usual in this week’s draw. Let’s check out the Australian Powerball historical results to see if there’s something in there that can help you win big in the next draw.

What are the most common winning Powerball numbers in Australia?

Looking at the historical Powerball jackpot winning numbers over the last few years, there have certainly been hot numbers and cold numbers. Oz Lotteries tracks past Powerball results and from these we can see that a few numbers tend to come up more often than others. Though using more commonly drawn numbers is not necessarily an instant recipe for success, it can’t hurt to go with the statistics on these things.

Numbers which have been drawn more than 40 times in the last 3 years include: 17, 7, and 9, while the most frequent Powerball number has been 19, which has been drawn 16 times in the same period. Looking at Australian Powerball historical results we can see that some numbers definitely come up more than others. We know that 16 and 18 are less than ideal Powerball numbers, and 15 and 34 have been the least drawn, only coming up 22 and 23 times, respectively.

What are the hottest Powerball numbers right now?

When we are looking at past Powerball results, there are some numbers which have shown a higher frequency by being drawn more regularly in recent months. The Powerball statistics tracks the hottest numbers from week-to-week so you can always jump on before picking your numbers to see which ones have been the recent standouts.

Another way to approach picking your numbers is to determine which numbers are overdue when it comes to being drawn. Just as Australian Powerball historical results will show you the most frequently drawn numbers, they will also tell you which numbers are overdue to be chosen. Working on a theory of probability, choosing numbers which have been drawn less in recent months might just give you a better chance at picking the ones with the most potential to be drawn in the future.

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Using probability theory in choosing your Powerball numbers

Some may be content with just going with the numbers that they consider to be lucky, but others may want to get a little more serious about how they are picking their winners. According to mathematical theory, there are a few no-no’s when it comes to choosing your winning numbers which will ultimately reduce your chances at success.

One of the main don’ts according to mathematical theorists is choosing consecutive numbers such as 3, 4, 5, 6. Consecutive numbers drastically decrease your chances at winning big prizes and past Powerball results have proven this. Another pointer is to not pick numbers which mark a pattern on your ticket, like a cross or a square. Using psychology as a foundation for this tip, many others tend to use patterns in the choosing of their numbers which means if you do win, you are likely to have to share your winnings with many other people.

Choosing your Powerball numbers versus a Quickpick

As the lottery is a random event, sometimes the best chances you will have at succeeding is to go with that randomness and try your luck with a QuickPick. A QuickPick uses a computer-generated series of random numbers as your entry into the draw. Especially if you are part of a syndicate with friends, family or co-workers. Using QuickPicks avoids any unnecessary arguments about the numbers which are being chosen from week to week. Many historical Powerball jackpot winning numbers have come from QuickPicks, including the $50 million division one win in February 2021.

Whether you are basing your number choices on past Powerball results or using a QuickPick to adhere to the random probability theories of the lottery, you need to be in it to win it. Pick up your ticket for the next Powerball draw and give your luck a go, you never know if you could be the next big winner. 

Powerball - 20 Million

This Thursday $20 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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