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$50 Million Powerball Winner Still In Shock

50 Million Powerball Winner

The $50 Million Powerball draw 1292 on 18 February 2021 was certainly exciting! Undoubtedly more so for the sole $50 Million Powerball winner from Mackay, QLD. Plus, a lucky Oz Lotteries customer was overjoyed to be Division 2 winner!

$50 Million Powerball Winner

After two full days of uncertainty, the search for the winner was over. A man from Mackay, North Queensland has discovered his entry was the $50 Million winner! 

“I heard someone in Mackay had won but of course I never thought it could be me!” 

The new multi-millionaire is still in shock after checking his ticket over the weekend. He admitted that he only bought a ticket, ‘every now and again’ with the hope of possibly winning something. Little did he know, he would win the biggest lottery prize of 2021 so far! 

The winner admitted that although he had hoped to win, he hadn’t thought about what he might do with $50 million. It’s certainly enough to retire, but the humble man explained that he would continue going to work for now. He shared that owning his own home was his ‘craziest’ idea for using the winnings. 

Although he explained that he will need to ‘take some time to wrap my head around everything’, the winner is certain of one thing.

“I’ll be taking care of my parents, I know that much at least.” 

Congratulations to the latest $50 million Powerball winner!

Oz Lotteries Division 2 Powerball Winner

Here at Oz Lotteries, we’re celebrating a lucky customer taking home a Division 2 Powerball prize! The win comes after the player matched all 7 main winning numbers, but missed out on the all-important Powerball number. Fortunately, the Division 2 prize is an incredible $99,074.45! 

The man from Victoria recalls discovering the Powerball results a few hours after the draw. He kept looking at the ticket, shocked by the amazing amount! He admitted he was yet to make any plans on how to spend the winnings but is surely going to enjoy the windfall. 

For your chance to win, make sure you get your ticket in the next Powerball draw. 

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