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Everything You Need To Know About Oz Lotto

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Interested in playing or learning more about Oz Lotto? You’ve come to the right place! The Oz Lotteries team is here and ready to help you learn more about one of Australia’s favourite lotto games.

What is Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto has been around since 1994 and holds the title of Australia’s first national lotto game. It is currently operated by The Lottery Corporation in most Australian states. In Western Australia, it is operated by Lottery West. Along with Powerball, Oz Lotto is known to give away some of the biggest prizes in the history of Australian lottery games.

While it’s experienced many changes over the years, the original Oz Lotto was much like Saturday Lotto with 6 numbers drawn out of a pool of 45 numbered balls. In 2005, the game was restructured to add an additional seventh number to pick, thus increasing the chance of winning the Division 1 prize. The game has recently changed again in May 2022, with a new $3 million starting prize, a new main number range of 1-47, and an additional supplementary number to be drawn. That gives players more chances to win! With a minimum jackpot of $3 million, simple rules and an opportunity for huge wins, it’s no wonder that Oz Lotto is still one of the most popular lotto games in Australia.

How does Oz Lotto work?

This lottery game is played using a 7/47 format — that is, players choose seven numbers from a pool of 1-47. Drawings are held once a week on Tuesdays. During the drawing, ten balls are pulled from a collection of 47 balls. The first seven of these are the winning numbers, and matching them will win you the jackpot or Division 1 prize. The remaining three balls are the ‘supplementary numbers’ and can factor into the winnings for other prizes in divisions 2, 4 and 7.

Prize amounts decrease over the lower divisions — however, your odds of winning drastically increase for lower divisions as well.

Oz Lotto rules

Whether you’re new to Oz Lotto or a long-time player looking to brush up on the rules, here are some of the most important rules to keep in mind when playing Oz Lotto.

  • Players must be 18 years or older.
  • You do not have to be Australian residents to play or win.
  • Players may use any of the following methods of entry to play: 
    • Purchasing from a local newsagent outlet
    • Using an accredited online service (like Oz Lotteries!)
  • There is no limit to the number of entries for any Oz Lotto draw. However, tickets for the draw must be purchased before the draw takes place.
  • Players must meet the criteria for winning to receive a prize e.g. match 7 numbers to win Division 1. 
  • The minimum guaranteed jackpot for Oz Lotto is $3 million.
  • If you win the Division 1 prize, be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules for claiming your share. Your account must be verified to collect prizes from Oz Lotteries.
  • Prizes are not taxed in Australia, though players who live overseas may have to pay taxes on winnings to their own tax authorities.

Have any additional questions? Our Oz Lotteries team is well-versed in Oz Lotto rules, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Oz Lotto draw times

The Oz Lotto draw takes place weekly, every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. AEST/9:30 p.m. AEDT. It’s broadcast on 7TWO at approximately that time. But even if you miss a live drawing, you can easily find the results on the Oz Lotteries website.

Curious about what time you can buy Oz Lotto tickets until? Oz Lotto entries close every Tuesday at 7:25pm AEST/8:25pm AEDT. However, if you’re playing from overseas — or you just want to be safe — it’s always a good idea to purchase your tickets at least three hours before your chosen draw to ensure you’re ready for the numbers to be chosen.

Oz Lotto cost per game

Ticket prices vary however Oz Lotto is one of the more affordably priced games and only costs $1.60 through Oz Lotteries. Learn more about our ticket prices and different ways to play Oz Lotto by visiting the Oz Lotto play page.

Oz Lotto Divisions and Prizes

Wondering just how many numbers you need to win anything in Oz Lotto? This handy chart will show you what you need to win a prize and how likely you are to win. 

Division How to Win Probability of winning
Division 1/Jackpot Match 7 1 in 62,891,499
Division 2 Match 6 + 1 Supplementary 1 in 2,994,834
Division 3 Match 6 1 in 242,825
Division 4 Match 5 + 1 Supplementary 1 in 26,271
Division 5 Match 5 1 in 4,497
Division 6 Match 4 1 in 182
Division 7 Match 3 + 1 Supplementary 1 in 71

Previous Oz Lotto Winners

There are few things more exciting than realising that you’ve just won the lottery, especially when that jackpot has turned over a few times! Here are some of the biggest Oz Lotto winners in history. Who knows, maybe your name will be up here one day, too! 

  • $20 million in 2021 — One lucky winner had this huge prize all to herself by choosing the lucky numbers 42, 32, 21, 19, 44, 25 and 33.
  • $80 million in 2019 — Two Queenslanders took home the grand prize in this particular drawing, a rare occurrence for any big lottery.
  • $70 million in 2019 — There may have been three winning tickets for this jackpot, but there were only two winners. Turns out that one man accidentally bought two tickets with the same numbers! That lucky mistake doubled his winnings. He took home almost $47 million, while the other winner received $23 million.
  • $70 million in 2018 — After eight weeks of rollovers, two winners finally split this massive jackpot, each one of them taking home a cool $35 million.
  • $111 million in 2012 — This win is the largest in Oz Lotto history and was split by four lucky winners, each of whom took home approximately $27 million. These four tickets were just a few of the more than 8 million purchased for the draw — talk about luck!

How Oz Lotto helps the community?

Of course, not every ticket will net you a win. But for many players, that doesn’t matter in the least. Why? Because even if your ticket doesn’t win a prize this time, playing Oz Lotto can benefit you and people throughout Australia in the long run.

This is because the sale of every Oz Lotto ticket helps to support small businesses and communities throughout the nation. Even the minuscule cost of an Oz Lotto ticket can have some serious benefits for those people and businesses trying to recover from the impact of recent events.

Let’s look at some numbers. As of the time of writing, Oz Lotto has helped provide over $1.4 billion in support for various communities across Australia. That’s not even counting the $3.3 billion in winnings that have been taken home by over 131 million winners. Even though not every winner takes home the jackpot, a little extra money can make a big difference for those who are in need.

So, even if that ticket didn’t net you some cash, that doesn’t mean it was a waste! Hopefully, you enjoyed the thrill of playing the lotto and knowing that you’re helping Australia’s small businesses at the same time.

How to play Oz Lotto?

Like many lottery games, you can play Oz Lotto online or by purchasing tickets from a verified vendor. We make it easier than ever to play Oz Lotto online with our clear and easy-to-use website.

  • Step 1 Choose your ticket type (Standard, System, Syndicate, etc.).
  • Step 2 Choose how many games you’d like to play.
  • Step 3 Choose your numbers manually or let our ‘QuickPick’ option do it for you.
  • Step 4 — Decide how many draws you’d like to enter. You can choose to play for a certain number of draws or set your account to ‘AutoPlay’ and only be entered for drawings that are over a certain dollar amount.
  • Step 5 — Complete your purchase and get ready for the results of the drawing!

Oz Lotto Experience

Of course, many lotto players enjoy a different way of playing than standard tickets have to offer. But that’s okay because the Oz Lotteries team has worked hard to ensure you can enjoy a completely customised experience whenever you want to play Oz Lotto. You can choose from four ways to play and create a ticket that meets your needs.

Standard Oz Lotto tickets

Standard tickets are a great way to play the lotto. To play your standard ticket, you must first choose how many games you’d like to play, which can be anywhere from one to 1,000 (don’t worry, the prices are listed right next to the number of games, making it easy to know how much you’ll be spending). Next, you choose your numbers manually or let our ‘QuickPick’ option take care of the decision for you. Then simply decide how many draws you’d like to enter, complete your purchase and you’re ready to go.

System Oz Lotto tickets

These types of tickets are designed to up your chances of winning by creating a range of number patterns from your chosen number selection. For example, System 10 tickets will give you 10 numbers configured in every possible 7-number combination. If you choose the ‘Pick 6’ option, you’ll choose six numbers and our site will use those numbers and other combinations to give you 39 games of 7 numbers each.

System tickets may seem a bit more complicated than Standard tickets, but the process is very similar. Simply choose your numbers, and we’ll take care of all the maths!

Oz Lotto Syndicate tickets

Want to buy more tickets but are wary of the cost? Syndicate tickets might be for you. These tickets allow you to split the cost of larger tickets with a syndicate group or your own lotto party to give you more chances of winning without the huge price tag.

If you do choose the winning combination, your syndicate will share the money equally according to the number of shares each member purchased. Buying your syndicate ticket is simplicity itself — choose your size, how many shares you’re willing to purchase and how often you’d like to play.

Oz Lotto Super Combo

Oz Lotteries is proud to offer the exclusive Super Combo ticket, which allows you to play more than the standard seven numbers and thus increase your odds of winning. Simply choose how many numbers you’d like to play, how many games you’re interested in and then pick your numbers. You can use the same combination whether you enter only a few draws or you play on a continuous basis through AutoPlay.

Where to play Oz Lotto online?

Oz Lotto is played throughout Australia. Here are a few different ways you can get your ticket and start playing.

Ready to play? Choose a QuickPick below or head to the Oz Lotto page to see all ticket options.

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Some people prefer to purchase their tickets in-store from registered businesses throughout Australia. Many others, however, prefer the ease and convenience of buying their Oz Lotto tickets online or with our Oz Lotteries app or other similar options. Online tickets make it easy to play whenever and from wherever you’d like. And, with online tickets from Oz Lotteries, you’ll never have to worry about losing your ticket or collecting prize money in person because we pay any winnings into your secure online account.

What’s more, when playing online, you won’t have to worry about checking the results every week (although you certainly can with our Oz Lotto results page) because we contact all of our winners to make sure they know the good news.

Using past Oz Lotto statistics — does it really help?

Some people say that the lottery is all about picking those lucky numbers at exactly the right time — but there are some who disagree. Our team may not have a crystal ball to tell us the most likely next winning numbers, but we have compiled a range of statistics that you can use to help choose your next numbers. And don’t worry, we update our statistics regularly to ensure that you always have the latest information.

Wondering how to use the statistics? Here are a few hints.

Hot versus cold Oz Lotto numbers

Hot numbers are those that are drawn the most often — many players like to choose these numbers because they seem to pop up so regularly. On the other hand, some players like to place their bets on cold numbers or numbers that don’t show up very often, thinking that their luck must be bound to change soon. We include both hot and cold Oz Lotto numbers so you can make the best decision possible when choosing your combination.

Some examples of hot numbers include 33, 7, 28, 45 and 25.

Some examples of cold numbers include 10, 38, 42, 24 and 18.

Frequent versus infrequent numbers

Speaking of numbers that appear often, we also include how long it has been since a particular number had been drawn so you can get a better idea of the frequency of your number choices. A lot of our players use these statistics to choose numbers that haven’t come up in a while, thinking that the pendulum is about to swing the other way. Others want to play numbers that they know show up frequently. Either way, it’s up to you!

Profitable numbers

Here’s a statistic that leans slightly more into the superstitious territory: profitability. We keep track of the most profitable numbers — numbers that are associated with a bigger share of the winnings — for players who are hoping that someone else’s lucky numbers will have the same outcome for them.

Of course, it’s important to note that every Oz Lotto draw is independent, which means that you can’t choose the perfect numbers based on past statistics. Many players ignore the stats entirely and choose numbers that have been lucky for them in the past or significant numbers such as birth dates, anniversaries, favourite sports numbers and more. When it comes to picking your numbers, sometimes all you can do is go with your gut and hope for the best outcome!

Oz Lotto FAQs

Where can I buy Oz Lotto tickets?

You can purchase Oz Lotto tickets from registered businesses or — for an easier and more convenient experience — you can buy your tickets from our Oz Lotto page or the Oz Lotteries app.

How many prize divisions are in Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto prize divisions include seven different levels, from Division 1 (the Jackpot) to Division 7. The Division 1 prize has a minimum guaranteed payout of $3 million, though it can get larger if the prize isn’t won right away. Lower Division prizes steadily decrease in amount.

Is there a minimum Division 1 prize?

Yes, the minimum jackpot is $3 million. It is possible for the Division 1 prize to be much higher, though. This is because if the jackpot is not won, then it automatically rolls over into the next draw.

What are my odds of winning the jackpot on Oz Lotto?

Your odds of winning the grand Division 1 prize in Oz Lotto are approximately 1 in 62,891,499. While this may seem like a long shot, there are lotto games with worse odds out there! Additionally, your odds of winning a smaller prize are much higher. See the chart above for more information.

How many numbers to win Oz Lotto?

Wondering how many numbers you’ll need to win anything in Oz Lotto?

You must match at least three numbers and one of the supplementary numbers to win the lowest Division prize. To win the jackpot Division 1 prize, your seven-number combination will have to perfectly match the first seven numbers drawn from the barrel.

Of course, there are other prizes to win as well. If you match six numbers and one supplementary number, you’ll win a Division 2 prize. Match six but missed out on both the supplementary numbers? That’s okay, you’ll still bring home a Division 3 prize.

If you want to snag a Division 4 prize, then you’ll have to correctly match five of the winning numbers and one additional supplementary number, while matching five or four winning numbers will make you the winner of the Division 5 or Division 6 prize, respectively.

What time can you buy Oz Lotto tickets until?

Oz Lotto entries close weekly on Tuesday at 7:25 p.m. AEST/8:25 p.m. AEDT. Oz Lotto draw times happen Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. AEST/9:30 p.m. AEDT. If you are playing in a different country, be sure to have your tickets purchased several hours before the draw time to ensure your tickets are valid for the correct draw.

Do Oz Lotto numbers need to be in order?

No, Oz Lotto numbers do not need to be in the same order as they are drawn to win a prize. Your numbers must simply match the drawn numbers to win, however, the numbers can appear in any order.

How many numbers to win a prize?

If you’re after the Jackpot or Division 1 prize, you’ll need to match all seven winning numbers to win. However, if you’re just after any prize, you’ll only have to match three main numbers and one of the supplementary balls to win the Division 7 prize (the smallest prize available).

How do I claim an Oz Lotto prize?

If you’re playing Oz Lotto through the Oz Lotteries website, you can just sit back and relax because we’ll make sure that your prize payment is deposited directly into your Oz Lotteries online account. Then all you must do is request a withdrawal of the funds by cheque, direct deposit into your bank account or into a valid PayPal account to receive your winnings as a tax-free lump sum. Remember that your account must be verified to collect your prize.

Where can I watch the Oz Lotto draw?

If you want to see the Oz Lotto draw in person, then tune in to 7TWO on Tuesday nights to watch the fun for yourself. Oz Lotto draw times are at approximately 8:30 p.m. AEST/9:30 p.m. AEDT.

Where can I find Oz Lotto results?

Missed the latest live draw? Not to worry! There are plenty of ways to check out the most recent Oz Lotto results. Here at Oz Lotteries, we offer the options of receiving the latest draw results straight to your inbox, so you always have them on hand. You can also check the draw results on your ticket or search for past draws on the Oz Lotteries website.

Why play with Oz Lotteries?

We’re so glad you asked! As a licensed and accredited online seller of lottery tickets, you can rest easy knowing that it’s safe to play at Oz Lotteries. We’ve made it easier than ever to play your favourite lotto games online with our simple design, wide range of playing options and a huge selection of games. Our lotteries are available to players worldwide and are easily accessible from your phone or computer, making it simple to try your luck whenever and wherever you want to. Even better? The Oz Lotto cost per game is very affordable, so it is a great choice for everyone.

We’re happy to be able to play a part in Oz Lotto and the wonderful benefits it offers the communities and small businesses throughout the nation.

Ready to start playing Oz Lotto today? Visit Oz Lotteries to learn more.

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