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NT Lotto Syndicate Wins $35 Million Oz Lotto

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The $35 Million Oz Lotto draw 1417 on Tuesday 13th April was the biggest Oz Lotto jackpot since July 2020. It’s been much anticipated, with Oz Lotto being one of the most popular lotteries with Aussies. A lot of players choose to combine their luck with friends and play in a Lotto Syndicate. And for one lucky Syndicate from the Northern Territory, this strategy paid off with a handsome $35,000,000!

Syndicate members share $35 Million Oz Lotto prize

10 players from the town of Humpty Doo, just outside of Darwin, in the Northern Territory discovered – much to their shock –  the news headlines “NT Syndicate wins $35 Million Oz Lotto.”

The 10-player Syndicate held the only Division 1 Oz Lotto winning entry nationally. In addition to the $35 million Div 1 prize, the Syndicate has also scored multiple Division 3, Division 5 and Division 6 prizes, adding another $93,000 to their shared prize pool.

Some of the winners received the news via a phone call in the morning and were dumb-struck as they were completely unaware they had become multi-millionaires overnight.

This Tuesday $30 Million

Oz Lotto - 30 Million

How does it feel to win Oz Lotto?

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” one of the Syndicate members cried when she was told of her win, “Thank you so much! I’m in complete shock!”

Others were equally shocked receiving the news.

“I can’t believe I am a multi-millionaire! I don’t think I will ever stop crying.”

“My goodness, I never thought I would receive this call.”

“Holy moly! God, I love ya!”

One Syndicate member shared she almost passed on her entry to the Oz Lotto draw that week:

“I can’t stop shaking! Wasn’t even going to buy a ticket!  I am going to upgrade my car and I want to travel around the whole world!”

Another Syndicate member said it was the BEST way to start the day.

“I only just woke up! Are you kidding me?”

All players were extremely excited, as they learned about their luck. It’s not every week that a Syndicate wins $35 Million Oz Lotto!

What’s a Lotto Syndicate?

Oz Lotteries organises Lotto Syndicates for Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto and other lotteries. Oz Lotteries Syndicates are limited to 10 members, so everyone has a chance to become a millionaire. A Syndicate splits the ticket cost between members. You get more chances to win compared to a Standard ticket of the same price. Oz Lotteries handles everything from creating the Syndicate to emailing individual results, and, of course, paying out the prizes.

For your chance to win, grab an Oz Lotto ticket in the next draw, or join an online Lotto Syndicate – all organised and managed by Oz Lotteries. Or better still, combine your luck with friends and join Oz Lotteries exclusive – Lotto Party  Good luck!

Oz Lotto - 30 Million

This Tuesday $30 Million

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