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Win a $500,000 change with Endeavour Life Changer

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Are you ready for a change? What about a $500,000 change? Endeavour Foundation is giving you the chance to win their Ultimate Life Changer Lottery. It really is the ultimate lifestyle lottery, complete with your choice of three incredible prizes.

Hurry, tickets are limited.

$500,000 prize. 3 choices.

1 lucky lifestyle lottery winner.

OPTION 1: Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Sport + Zone RV Caravan + $119,426 gold.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Sport + Zone RV Caravan + $119,426 gold.

The Silverado is Chevrolet’s pinnacle model, with a strong and dependable performance. You could go ahead and attach your Zone RV Caravan then head wherever you like – whenever you like!

OPTION 2: Mercedes-Benz C43 Coupe + AMG G63 + $107,364 gold.

Mercedes-Benz C43 Coupe + AMG G63 + $107,364 gold.

Set off on an adventure and explore like you never have before. The Mercedes-AMG G63 is stylish and ready to handle any terrain! Or for a luxury daily commute with attractive performance, you could take the Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe.

OPTION 3: $500,000 in cashable gold bullion.

$500,000 in cashable gold bullion.

Have your eye on something else? No matter what your adventure is, you could make your dreams come true with $500,000 in gold! Sell it and cash it all into your bank account, or invest to build your wealth. It’s up to you.

Which would you choose?

To kickstart your ultimate lifestyle, each ticket purchased goes towards support Endeavour Foundation. Whether you win the $500,000 prize or not, each time you support Endeavour Foundation you‘re providing opportunities for people with disability to live their best life. From learning life skills, living independently, finding a job they love and being actively involved in their local communities.

With the money raised through supporters, their Prize Home Lottery, and lifestyle lottery, Endeavour Foundation provided services and support to more than 4,000 people with disability last year.

Support a great cause and have your chance to win the ultimate lifestyle change. Don’t miss your chance to make your dreams come true – get your ticket now.

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