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Oz Lotto $80 Million Jackpot this Tuesday 25th June!

80 M Oz

Can you believe it? This week we’re celebrating an enormous Oz Lotto $80,000,000 jackpot! Make sure you buy your Oz Lotto ticket early for your chance to win millions and change your life.

One of the most exciting parts about playing lotto is dreaming about what you could achieve if you won! Dreaming of one day spending your days by the beach? You could find a beach home big enough for family gatherings over the summer holidays.

Make your wish come true this July if you win Oz Lotto $80 million.

Winner Stories

In January last year, 4 people got to share in the Division 1 prize of $40,000,000 Oz Lotto – each winning $10 million!

In May 2018, we had two Division 1 winners in Oz Lotto – each of them taking home $7.5 million! One of the winners from Ringwood, VIC, was ecstatic after checking his ticket before work and discovering he had the winning numbers.

“We’ve just gone crazy celebrating. We just got married a few weeks ago so it’s great timing. It’s just unbelievable!”

A deserving FIFO worker from WA was the other winner. The man said he had big plans for his $7.5 million prize, hoping to take his mum on a cruise and have more time with his family. Following a well-deserved break, the man said he would love to open an animal refuge.

Last October, a man bought a System 11 ticket from Oz Lotteries because he just “had a feeling” he would win. The man picked his children’s birthdays for his numbers and won $7.5 million!

Head over to the Lotto Winners section on our blog to discover more Lotto winner stories.

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Have your chance

The $80 million Oz Lotto has been and gone. However, you can still enter this week’s jackpot! Buy your tickets for Oz Lotto online from Oz Lotteries today.

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