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Oz Lotteries Customer Wins With $150 Million Powerball!

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Thursday 19th September, 2019 saw a new record in Australian lottery jackpots, with an astonishing $150 Million Powerball draw. Millions of Australians rushed to get their ticket in the hopes of becoming the record-holder of lottery wins. But for one lucky Oz Lotteries customer, the dream of winning division 1 came true. He became a $150 million Powerball winner! The man from NSW was one of three winners in the incredible draw, with each winner taking home $50 million.

We got in contact with our winner early Friday morning to confirm the results. The winner has been a customer with Oz Lotteries for 8 years but despite years of hoping to win, was still skeptical of the results. When we called to confirm the news, he said he had received the email this morning and even logged in to check, but was still not convinced. After speaking with us and some time to think he was able to say how it felt to be a winner.

“How would anyone feel, I feel speechless.”

Our winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a family man from NSW. He mentioned that he normally plays his own numbers but feared missing out on the day of the draw and quickly entered a 50 game QuickPick. Amazingly, it was one of those QuickPicked lines that won him $50,000,000! He explained that he allocates some games for his family, buying each of them their own in the ticket. Funnily enough, he mentioned it was actually a game he had purchased for his dog that won. When asked if the dog was in for a lucky surprise our winner laughed and agreed that the superstar pup would be getting a big treat!

Soon his share of $50 million will be with our winner, so he can process exactly what he and his family want to do with the funds. When asked what he plans to do next, he explained what he will be doing after the call today.

“I probably won’t go to work today, as I still need to get my head around the win. I am just going to walk around in circles in my lounge.”

Oz Lotteries has a streak of lucky customers! Recently, we had a $110 million Powerball winner, a lucky Saturday Lotto winner, and even a Wednesday Lotto winner.

An enormous congratulations to our $150 Million Powerball winner!

Oz Lotteries was lucky to not only have one of the $150 Million Powerball winners but also a large share of Division 2 to 9 winners in the Powerball draw 1218.  Sharing in $4,913,790.60 between them, we had:

  • 1 x Division 2 winner
  • 17 x Division 3 winners
  • 334 x Division 4 winners
  • 670 x Division 5 winners
  • 10,369 x Division 6 winners
  • 12,872 x Division 7 winners
  • 65,942 x Division 8 winners
  • 190,942 x Division 9 winners

The winning numbers from the $150 million Powerball draw 1218 were: 26, 4, 17, 5, 18, 8 and 31, and the Powerball was 9.

There are still two winning tickets from QLD yet to be claimed. Neither of the two Queensland tickets were registered, so they are yet to be contacted by lottery officials. With online tickets from Oz Lotteries, you will always have access to your ticket and be notified of any wins once the draw has taken place.

Could you be our next millionaire? If you want the chance to win with Powerball, make sure to buy your Powerball ticket online today.

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