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Oz Lotteries Customer Wins with $110 Million Powerball

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Thursday 18th July 2019 saw a new record in Australian lottery jackpots, with a record-breaking $110 Million Powerball draw. While it may have seemed like a typical Thursday for some people, for one Oz Lotteries customer it was certainly a day she will never forget. The mother from Sydney was one of the three ticket holders who are now a $110 Million Powerball winner. Each lucky winner will now be walking away with over $36.6 Million!

Our CEO Mike Veverka made the life-changing call early Friday morning to confirm the results with our winner. She has been a customer with Oz Lotteries for 7 years, yet couldn’t believe she had won. When asked how she was feeling about being a Powerball winner, she was stunned.

“Perfect, a little bit surreal and don’t quite believe it yet. Just taking one step at a time, until it’s here it does not feel real. I am excited but just feels unreal at the moment.”

It won’t be long until the funds are with the winner and the planning can begin. Interestingly, the winner happily told us that she would continue working.

“I work in cancer research and feel my job is meaningful and I love it so I will keep working.”

She added that while her family would take some time to decide what they would do, she knew one thing. They want to give back to society, make a difference, and ensure a good education for their children.

The Sydney woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased a 10 standard game ticket that contained the winning numbers. She explained that usually, they pick some numbers before choosing to Quickpick the remaining games. However, for this particular ticket, it was her daughter that helped pick the numbers that resulted in an incredible $36,666,666.67 prize!

After 7 years, we asked what it was that drew her to Oz Lotteries. The winner revealed it was our user-friendly and awesome app, which makes buying tickets incredibly easy! You can download the app for free on the Apple App Store or through our website.

A massive congratulations to our $110 Million Powerball winner and her family!

Oz Lotteries was lucky to not only have one of the $110 Million Powerball winners but also a large share of Division 2 to 9 winners in the Powerball draw 1209. We had:

  • 1 Division 2 winner
  • 20 Division 3 winners
  • 247 Division 4 winners
  • 772 Division 5 winners
  • 9,224 Division 6 winners
  • 11,573 Division 7 winners
  • 53,680 Division 8 winners
  • 151,162 Division 9 winners

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