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Monday Lotto

What is a Standard ticket?

A Standard ticket in Monday Lotto is the easiest way to play. Each line on your ticket is made up of 6 numbers, which represents one game and gives you one chance to win a prize.

Game numbers can be chosen manually or automatically using our QuickPick function. The minimum ticket you can purchase is 4 game lines. Your 6 numbers will be between 1 and 45 inclusive.

How do I win?

To win Division 1 in Monday Lotto, you need to match all 6 of your numbers in a single game to the 6 winning numbers in the draw. The numbers can appear in any order.

Players can win a prize from as little as 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers!

Winning Combinations

Monday Lotto has 6 prize divisions. The winning combinations of each prize division are shown below.

Division 1All 6 main winning numbers1:8,145,060
Division 2Any 5 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers1:678,755
Division 3Any 5 main winning numbers1:36,690
Division 4Any 4 main winning numbers1:733
Division 5Any 3 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers1:298
Division 6Any 1 or 2 main winning numbers and both supplementary numbers1:144

What is Monday Lotto?

Known as Monday Lotto in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia; Gold Lotto in Queensland and Wednesday X Lotto in South Australia, Monday Lotto, together with Wednesday Lotto was the only lotto played in New South Wales until the introduction of Oz Lotto in 1994.

Monday Lotto has a guaranteed Division 1 prize of $1 million for up to 4 winners* each week.

How does Monday Lotto work?

Every Monday, numbers are drawn at random from a barrel of 45 balls numbered 1 to 45. The first 6 balls drawn from the barrel are the winning numbers and the final 2 balls are the supplementary numbers. The supplementary numbers are used to determine prizes in Divisions 2, 5 and 6.

When does the draw close?

Monday Lotto entries close every Monday at 7:25pm AEST (8:25 AEDT).

What time is Monday Lotto drawn?

Monday Lotto is drawn every Monday at 8:30pm AEST (9:30pm AEDT).

How can I check results?

You can check the latest Monday Lotto results online. Oz Lotteries customers will also receive the latest draw results straight to their inbox.

How can I watch the draw?

Monday Lotto is broadcast on Channel 7 or 7TWO (and affiliated regional stations) at approximately 8:30pm AEST (9:30pm AEDT) every Monday. You can also live stream the draw online on the 7plus website.

Want more ways to win?

If you want another way of winning Monday Lotto, you can buy a Lotto Strike add-on ticket. Navigate to the Lotto Strike page for more information.

Still have questions?

Find out more about Monday Lotto.

*$1M for up to 4 winners. Max Div 1 prize pool of $4M shared if more than 4 winners.

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