Win a life changing prize package

Lottery No. 11
Drawn: 27 April 2023
Closes in 28 Days16 Hrs1 Min5 Sec

Life saving. Life changing.

With LifeFlight's Lifesaving Lottery, you could win a life changing prize package! Help conquer the rising cost of living and change your life.

Want to reduce the stress of inflation and fear of an unexpected bill? Imagine not having to worry about the cost of essentials, with groceries and fuel covered for a year*. PLUS enjoy life with the financial freedom of $8,000 to spend on anything you like!

This life changing package will give you the time and budget to help build a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Turn a $5 ticket into a new opportunity to change your life! Get your ticket in LifeFlight’s Lifesaving Lottery today.

First prize includes:

  • 12,000 grocery voucher (equivalent to $230 per week for a year)
  • $5,000 petrol voucher (equivalent to $96 per week for a year)
  • $8,000 cash or gold bullion to spend however you choose!
$12,000 Grocery Voucher ($230/week for 1 year!)
$5,000 Petrol Voucher ($96/week for 1 year!)
$8,000 Cash / Gold
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Tickets from just $5.00
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