Past Draw
Drawn 02/03/2023
Win a life changing prize package

Win a life changing prize package

No. 10
Drawn: 2 March 2023

Life saving. Life changing.

With LifeFlight's Lifesaving Lottery, you could win a life-changing prize package! Help conquer the rising cost of living and change your life.

Imagine not having to stress about the cost of groceries and fuel for a year. PLUS enjoy life with the financial freedom of $5,000 to spend on anything you like! Spend your time and money on the people and experiences you love.

Turn the new year into a new opportunity with a ticket in LifeFlight’s Lifesaving Lottery.

First prize includes:

  • $15,000 grocery voucher (equivalent to $288 per week for a year)
  • $5,000 petrol voucher (equivalent to $96 per week for a year
  • $5,000 cash or gold bullion to spend however you choose!
$15,000 Grocery Voucher ($288/week for 1 year)
$5,000 Petrol Voucher ($96/week for 1 year)
$5,000 Cash / Gold
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