Past Draw
Drawn 14/12/2023
Win a $200K Pay Day prize

Win a $200K Pay Day prize

No. 204
Drawn: 14 December 2023

Your choice of Pay Day!

Have your chance to win a $200K Pay Day with Endeavour Foundation's latest Pay Day Lottery. Tickets are only $5 each and with only 200,000 tickets available, your chance of winning has never looked better!

One lucky winner will get the choice between two amazing prize options. Which one will you choose?

No matter what your dreams are, $200,000 in cashable gold bullion is sure to go a long way in making your possibilities a reality! Would you pay off your mortgage or use it as a home deposit? Travel around Australia? Whatever you choose is up to you!

Sell it and cash the whole amount straight into your bank account, enjoy life debt free, or invest some for later to build your wealth.

$200,000 cashable gold bullion
Enjoy and spend however you choose!

Get ready to experience the power of not one, but two new Ford vehicles! Choose option 2 and you'll win a 2024 Ford Everest, 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor, PLUS $23,383 cashable gold bullion.

Both cars feature a 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine with Full-time 4WD, 12-inch centre touchscreens, and innovative driving technology, with style and comfort.

2024 Ford Everest Sport
Wheels Car of the Year 2023
Hands-free Power Liftgate
20” High Gloss Black alloy wheels
2024 Ford Ranger Raptor
FOX 2.5” Live Valve internal bypass shock absorbers
My Mode button to save preferred drive settings
Multiple cameras for a 360-degree top-down view
$23,383 cashable gold bullion

Purchase your $200K Pay Day tickets by Thursday 16 November 2023 and you'll go into the main draw to win a $200K Pay Day PLUS the Early Bird Draw for the chance to win $5,000 cash!*

*Should a resident from Victoria or NSW be drawn the prize will be provided as $5,000 Gold Bullion.

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