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Winner! Winner! Syndicate Players Cash In!

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Some of the world’s biggest lotteries have been won by Syndicate players. By splitting the cost of a ticket, participants have better odds at winning the larger prize.

Not only do Syndicates increase your odds of winning, but they are more rewarding, interactive, and add a social element to playing the lottery.

For one Syndicate group, the news that they had won the $30 Million Oz Lotto jackpot could not have come at a better time. Back in 2017, the Altona Toyota factory was shutting its doors, costing many people their jobs. A group of sixteen workers decided to pull together and create a Syndicate for the upcoming $30 Million jackpot. They figured they had nothing to lose and plenty to gain, which they certainly did after winning the First Division prize. The group had to split their win with another first prize winner, winning a total of $15 Million leaving each member close to $1 million. The members of the group had chosen to remain anonymous. However, they did reveal that they could breathe a lot easier, despite the future of the factory. They can now look at paying off their mortgages.

Workers discussing their syndicate options!

For an Oz Lotteries customer, joining a Syndicate proved to be one of the best decisions they could have made. They won not only one, but two Syndicates in the space of a week! When the customer signed up to Oz Lotteries in February 2018, he joined a ticket in the $15,000,000 Oz Lotto jackpot draw. His Syndicate group won a total of $2,230, meaning that each share received $223. A few days later joined another Syndicate in the $10,000,000 Powerball jackpot on 1st March winning $27,733.75! When we spoke to the lucky winner, from Perth, WA, he was naturally excited and said how much he loved playing Syndicates.

In sunny North Queensland, things seemed even brighter when a group in Cape York Peninsula realised their Syndicate won, each member instantly becoming $7,016.56 richer!

These are just a handful of the many Syndicate winner stories out there.

Why join an Oz Lotteries Syndicate?

Syndicates have become an increasingly popular way to play the lotto. Why? With more chances to win the jackpot for less, its easy to see why so many lotto players want to increase their chances of becoming a millionaire.

Setting up a traditional Syndicate is not as easy as one may think. As an organiser, you need to ask your colleagues and friends if they want to join in. Then collect the money, go to the newsagency to purchase the ticket. Then make copies of the ticket for everyone, check the results. And then if you win, the group needs to decide what to do with the winnings. By joining an Oz Lotteries online Syndicate, we do all the hard work for you. We have a variety of Syndicates available to suit any budget – check them out here.

Joining an Oz Lotteries Syndicate is easy.

Choose a Syndicate to join –

Join a Syndicate in your favourite game, by purchasing your share in the group ticket. Once all shares have been purchased, we purchase a ticket on the group’s behalf.

Wait for results –

After the draw, we score your group ticket and send each member the results individually. There is complete transparency at every stage.

Receive any winnings –

If your group ticket wins, we divide the winnings between each share and pay them directly into each member’s Oz Lotteries account.

Visit Oz Lotteries today and choose your Syndicate – and who knows, you may be our next big winner.

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