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What is it like to be a Deaf Lottery Winner?

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With incredible first prizes valued at up to $750,000 and plenty of additional prizes, the Deaf Lottery Australia gives everyday people the chance to win their choice of lifestyle! Winners can buy and build their own home and land package, win a choice of motorhome or caravan and 4WD, win their dream car, or choose from a custom combination of prizes and gold bullion. But what is it like to be a Deaf Lottery winner?

Who are the Deaf Lottery winners?

First Prize Winner is Flying High

The Deaf Lottery winner of draw 177 is a 25-year-old Brisbane man. He is the lucky first prize winner of $715,000 in prizes. However, despite years of supporting the Deaf Lottery, he is still in shock.

“I got the call to tell me I’d won The Deaf Lottery and thought it was my friends playing a trick. It didn’t feel real.”

The young man is a flight attendant, travelling between Brisbane and LA each week. So following a series of surgeries that found him having to take time off work, the win was a welcome surprise! When asked what he was going to do with his prize, he explained he was still coming to terms with it.

“Before winning, I wasn’t even in the position to think about something like buying a house, but now that is suddenly an option.”

Above all, the winner knows that he will share part of his win with his brother and sister, plus something special for his parents.

The winner was asked why he bought tickets in the Deaf Lottery Australia. He said, “I’ve always supported charity lotteries. My family has as well. Buying tickets was never about winning. It was more like a donation with a chance to win.”

Foster Father is a Deaf Lottery Winner

The winner of Lottery 178 couldn’t believe it when he got a call on a quiet Thursday morning at work. It was the Deaf Lottery Australia calling to advise he had won $705,000!

“I do stitch a lot of people up, and they stitch me up right back. I’d only just had a mate call me up to tell me I’d won a thousand dollars’ worth of dog food, so when I got the call I thought here’s someone having a go at me.”

After finally confirming the details, the man was ecstatic. He made plans to take his family out to dinner as a celebration. Similarly, to the Deaf Lottery Australia’s cause of helping to empower others, the winner has been committed to helping others his entire life. The Brisbane grandfather of 12 is not only a father of three but also a long-term foster carer of 6 kids! The children are all aged 5 to 13 and include 5 siblings. What an incredible gift he and his wife are giving.

The winner has been a Deaf Lottery supporter since 2006, and assures he is “happy to support any organisation that provides help to other people.”

When asked what he plans to choose for his prize, he already had a purchase in mind – a new caravan.

“We love taking the kids camping but we never really felt safe in a tent. So much of foster caring is creating a safe environment for the kids, and this will allow us to go away and have peace of mind they’ll be sleeping safe.”

He is still deciding what to do with the remaining prize money but is certain that whatever it is, it will be an investment in his family’s future. Congratulations to the Deaf Lottery winner!

Golden Win from Up North

While our first prize winners are celebrating their over $700,000 wins, there are over one hundred other prizes on offer each Deaf Lottery draw. One lucky customer from Katherine, Northern Territory walked away with an incredible $20,000 in gold bullion! The retail worker won first prize in the Deaf Lottery VIP Club’s draw. Incredibly, she has been purchasing her tickets since 2008.

“I was over the moon when I found out I had won the VIP 1st Prize Draw. I’m so very happy and it just makes such a difference.”

The excited winner is eager to use her winnings to refurbish her caravan and head off on a trip around Australia. Best of luck!

Could you be the next big winner?

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