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What Happens After You Buy a Ticket from Oz Lotteries


You’ve bought your first Oz Lotteries ticket, what happens next?

  • After clicking ‘buy ticket’ on our site, our system checks you have enough money in your account to purchase the ticket.
  • Upon confirmation that your account has enough funds to purchase your chosen ticket, our system finalises your entry in the draw.
  • Your ticket is purchased in the official Oz Lotteries system, the same way it happens in a retail shop.
  • Our website then sends you an email confirming your lotto ticket purchase with your official ticket number. So you can rest easy knowing you hold an official entry in the draw.
  • Don’t worry if you accidentally delete our email or can’t find it in your inbox. Your ticket can be viewed in your Oz Lotteries account under ‘My Account’ at any time.

Now sit back and relax until the winning lotto numbers are drawn!

  • After the official winning lotto numbers are drawn, the results are announced at approximately 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT.
  • Our system then carefully checks every ticket our customers have purchased in the draw to see if they had any winning numbers. This may take a few hours.
  • Our system confirms if your ticket has one or more winning numbers in a game (one line).
  • If you haven’t won a division prize, you will receive an email advising that this time unfortunately you didn’t have a win, and wishing you luck for next time.
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot - 1 Million

$1.2 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

If you have won a division prize…

  • The division prize pool amount is announced after the winning lotto numbers are drawn. This pool of money is to be shared across all winners in that division.
  • Our system can now calculate how much prize money you will receive from the results.
  • This money is then placed into your Oz Lotteries account.
  • Small division prize winners are sent an email confirming their prize.
  • Customers can withdraw their winnings once their ID is verified. This is a legal requirement when playing lotto online in Australia.

We contact all major Oz Lotteries winners!

  • Large division 1 and 2 prize winners will be contacted personally by Oz Lotteries Customer Support staff to congratulate them on becoming a major lotto winner.
  • You can immediately see your prize winnings (count all those 000s!) in your Oz Lotteries account.
  • For 3 weeks your Oz Lotteries account will be frozen while we verify your identification and the transfer of funds to your chosen bank account is arranged.

One of our favourite parts of the job is phoning major Oz Lotteries winners to let them know they have won the lotto! Our CEO has also been known to call winners personally. So don’t be surprised if one day you receive a special call from Oz Lotteries’ head office.

Customers are often in shock and disbelief when we tell them they have won a big prize. So we let the customer know that they can log into their Oz Lotteries account to see their prize amount. At that point the customer starts to realise the call they’ve always dreamed of receiving is really happening!

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot - 2 Million

$2.1 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

What to expect after a win

Major prize winners will be able to see their winnings in their account from the moment the division prize are distributed. However, for 3 weeks they will not be able to withdraw money from their Oz Lotteries account, due to regulatory restrictions. Furthermore, everyone must undergo an official winners identification process. We then arrange a special transfer of winning funds to your chosen bank account.

We recommend speaking with your bank manager to let them know your bank account will soon be receiving a very large deposit!

Over these 3 weeks our Customer Support team are in regular contact with our winning customer, answering any questions they may have. We’ve been selling lotto online since 2003, so we’ve spoken with many big lotto winners in our time, and have many tips to share!

One of our Customer Support team members may ask if you’d like to share your winner’s story. Our other customers love to hear about how winning lotto changes peoples lives. But not to worry, your name is not published in the winner’s story.

Now it’s time to sit back and start planning what you can achieve with your lotto win. Will you wait 6 months before making any changes to your life, or plan a holiday right away? Do you have goals you’d like to achieve next year? Or a bank mortgage you’d love to pay off tomorrow? So many things are possible, once you win lotto!

Purchase your next ticket here. Best of luck!

From the Oz Lotteries team.

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