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What Could You Do With 21 Million This Mother’s Day?

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According to a recent survey from ebates.com, nearly half (48%) of all mothers who replied to the survey said that they wanted a day at a spa followed closely by flowers, jewellery, and smartphones or tablets.

You know your mum deserves the very best, but have you ever wondered what Mother’s Day gifts you could buy her if you won $21 million in this Saturday’s Superdraw?

Here are some mother’s day gift ideas for if you won 21,000,000…

  • Hire her favourite TV chef as her personal chef for the day


Imagine surprising your mum on Mother’s Day with her favourite TV chef as her personal chef or cooking assistant for the day! Whether it’s Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White or Nigella Lawson, your mum will love cooking with her favourite chef for a day. AMAZING!

  • Home makeover

kitchen renovation

Is your mum a big fan of Reno Rumble, Extreme Home Makeover, or any other home renovation TV show? If the answer is yes, odds are that she will absolutely love a home makeover. Imagine saying to her on her special day, “Hey Mum, let’s hire a home makeover team and go wild!” Can you imagine the smile on her face?

  • Bring out the sparkle in her eye with stunning jewellery

sparkling diamond

Anytime is a perfect time for buying jewellery for mum, but Mother’s Day provides a special opportunity to find a meaningful piece of jewellery that she will cherish for a lifetime. Whether she likes diamonds or rubies, gold or silver, $21 million will let you give her whatever her heart desires.

  • An extravagant night out

Cheers to a good night

Does your mum enjoy the occasional party? Why not hire a limousine and take her out for a night on the town! Or you could treat her to dinner at her favourite restaurant as a special treat, or better yet, hire out the entire restaurant just for her!

  • Spa day

hot stone massage

What do you give the woman who already has it all? Extra pampering, of course! With $21 million, there is no need for any regular massage at a regular spa. Have a licensed and experienced massage therapist come straight to mum’s home and give her some luxurious relaxing therapeutic “me” time. Or even book a weekend away at a luxury spa where mum can be treated like a queen for a full weekend.

  • A cruise with the whole family

cruise ship

Celebrate Mother’s Day in style with a family cruise, giving Mum the chance to relax with all her loved ones. The biggest and best cruise ships are more like floating resorts, with swimming pools, spas, ballrooms, dancing and dinner on board for all to enjoy. What a nice relaxing way to spend time with Mum.

  • A life time supply of fine wine & chocolate

fine wine

Who doesn’t love a fine wine paired with some delicious cheese or chocolate. Better yet, why not a trip to France and Belgium, where mum can taste the best wine, cheese, and chocolate the world has to offer. Only the best in the world for the world’s best mum!

  • Send her on a luxury trip around the world


Has your mum always dreamed of visiting a particular travel destination? Why not take her there with $21 million! You could give her the chance to live the life of a celebrity and travel the globe in style, with a private jet, the best hotel rooms, breathtaking views and all the luxurious food, drinks and spa treatments she deserves.

  • Design and build her a sustainable vegetable and herb garden

Girl and mother planting herbs in garden

Does mum love to garden and cook with the freshest vegetables? A nature-loving mum will adore her new veggie patch to nurture and grow. Fresh picked strawberries, juicy tomatoes, fresh zucchinis and more, ripened to perfection in the Aussie sun? Yes please!

  • Hire her favourite musician to play a private concert at her extravagant mother’s day party

Guitarist on stage

Imagine the look on mum’s face when her favourite artist steps out on stage to serenade her on her special day. Whether it’s Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, or even Gene Simmons, you will be sure to win “best child award” after a grand surprise like that!

  1. Take mum on a once in a lifetime sunset hot air balloon ride.

hot air balloon ride/ sunset

There’s nothing like sipping on the finest champagne while watching the sunset over the horizon in a big colourful hot air balloon with your favourite woman in the world. Adventure loving mums will love this special experience – as long as she’s not afraid of heights!

You could do all this and more, simply buy a ticket to this Saturday’s 21,000,000 Superdraw.

Make mums dreams come true with these mother’s day gift ideas!

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