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Wednesday Lotto Division 1 Winner is Oz Lotteries.

Wednesday Lotto Division 1 Winner

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a new look!

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has changed to a new look Weekday Windfall game, with the addition of a third game on Friday. The first Weekday Windfall draw was on Monday 20 May 2024.

How would you react to finding out you were a Wednesday Lotto Division 1 winner? Cry or scream? Tell a friend? One lucky Oz Lotteries player is now a Wednesday Lotto millionaire and shared her reaction with our team.

Small Town Player to Millionaire

The Division 1 winner is from a small town in the rural Northern Territory and has been playing with Oz Lotteries for over 3 years. While everyone hopes they’ll hit the jackpot and win the lottery, it’s something most winners never really expect to happen! That’s why our winner found herself wishing she had checked her draw results earlier…

The woman had just finished dinner and headed to the bathroom. She checked her ticket like she does after every draw night, and was completely shocked to see the Wednesday Lotto results. 

I scrolled down, saw 1 and 2 numbers, then 5 and 6 numbers. I thought – no way! So I screamed and my partner heard me. I told him I think I just got all the numbers and he didn’t believe me at all.” 

Wednesday Lotto gives players the chance to win a guaranteed $1 million prize for up to 4 Division 1 winners. As the only Division 1 winner in the draw, the lucky woman is now a millionaire! She describes the feeling of winning as, “surreal“.

This is the Oz Lotteries player’s first major prize. When speaking with our customer support team, she revealed she has plans to use a small portion to be debt-free. After that, she and her partner will be looking to buy a house and start investing. 

Oz Lotteries Players Keep Winning! 

The Wednesday Lotto Division 1 winner wasn’t the only Oz Lotteries major prize winner in the draw. Another lucky customer had 5 main numbers and a supplementary number, scoring her a Division 2 prize of $6,160.15. The Victorian woman was thrilled to win a prize. 

It was great to speak to the Division 2 winner, who shared that the ticket was first purchased on her birthday but the numbers didn’t win. She played it again in draw 4117 and to her surprise, she won! While she is still deciding what exactly to use the prize money on, she thinks she’ll put the money away and just go out for a nice dinner with her partner to celebrate.

The Division 2 winner is currently a full-time Registered Nurse working long hours in a Melbourne hospital. We thank this Oz Lotteries player and all our frontline health care heroes for their incredible efforts in these difficult times. 

Wednesday Lotto Draw 4117 Results

The Division 1 winner held an 18 standard games ticket in the Wednesday Lotto draw 4117 on 29 September 2021.

Main numbers: 4, 25, 26, 20, 23, 43
Supplementary numbers: 27, 1

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