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$80 Million Powerball Winners – WA’s 55...

80 Million Powerball Winners Wa

Many Australians jumped on the chance to win December’s massive jackpot of $80 Million. In what is certainly some exciting news for the winners, WA has taken home the entire $80 Million Powerball jackpot! Only one ticket won the Division 1 jackpot prize. However, it was actually a shared syndicate ticket belonging to a group of 55 women. The lucky ladies have been celebrating learning that their ticket was the sole $80 Million Powerball winner. Despite the 55-strong group, the massive jackpot still means that each player will take home around $1.45 million each and that WA now has 55 new millionaires!

$80 Million Powerball Winners Group

An estimated 1 in every 4 Aussies buying a ticket in the 2nd December 2021 Powerball draw. Players rushed to get their ticket, and work and group syndicates were settled.  The fortunate group of women who took out the prize were no different, with 55 players putting in their money to create a syndicate ticket.

The women all attend the same Perth gym. One of the winners explained that one of the ladies that run the gym said that they should all contribute and get an entry in the Powerball draw. The players put in a share of $5 each. One overjoyed winner explained that she had, “scraped a couple of coin together out of my parking ticket money… I found $2 on the floor!” 

The best Christmas party gift ever!

She further shared that the draw results were actually discovered at the gym group’s Christmas party! The group were celebrating at a local restaurant. However, this player was unable to attend and didn’t notice until she settled in to bed later that night. Consequently, she was shocked upon checking her phone and noticing several missed calls from the gym.

“I rang them back and said what’s happened, I hope you’re ringing to tell me we’ve won Powerball and she said, ’Yeah, we have … we’ve got it, we’re the sole ticket.”

The winner was encouraged to come down and celebrate, noting that she could hear people screaming and champagne popping in the background.

The 55 women are a diverse group of all ages, looking to keep strong and enjoy themselves. Understandably, the winners are overjoyed and relieved that the prize money will help with some financial struggles.  Above all, the money will help those who have struggled over the last few years. In particular, the gym owner who encouraged and organised the ticket!

Congratulations to the $80 Million Powerball winners! 

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