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WA Syndicate Shares $30 Million Oz Lotto Win

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A West Australian store syndicate of 10 complete strangers have shared in a recent $30 Million Oz Lotto win – each will be $3 million richer.

The Perth store owner created what is known as ‘retailer group syndicate’ with winning shares sold to ten strangers at the Lucky Lottery Centre in Booragoon and Reeds Lottery Centre in Fremantle. The System 12 syndicate cost the ten players $95 each.

The store owner, Soon-Chiang Yong, said he had personally chosen the numbers for the winning syndicate based on the ones that came up in previous draws and selecting the ones which hadn’t appeared for a while.

“I can’t believe it, it feels great to know these numbers are the winning ones!” Mr Yong said.

Although the store owner won’t be getting a cent of the multi-million dollar prize, he is thrilled on behalf of his customers, who he knows will be very happy with $3 million each.

So far two of the ten syndicate players have come forward to claim their $3 million share:

  •  The first was an mature aged couple from the Perth’s southern suburbs, who are understandably overwhelmed with their lucky win and planning to help their family financially, as well as taking a holiday, travelling business class.
  • The second winner was a woman from Belmont, who admitted she was in doubt whether to buy her syndicate entry. She always dreamed of winning Lotto and will now have extra shopping money for her upcoming cruise holiday.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1110 on May 26th 2015 were 26, 9, 42, 39, 32, 40 and 44 plus supplementary numbers 11 and 4.

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