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Two Oz Lotto winners share $70 million jackpot!

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How often have you wondered what would you do if you were one of the Oz Lotto winners? At least 1 in 5 Australians could be seen wishing the same earlier with Oz Lotto jackpotting to $70,000,000 – the biggest in five years. There was a rush to lock in numbers for the Oz Lotto draw 1277.

The winning dream goes to two incredibly lucky East Coast punters. Both Oz Lotto winning tickets taking out an impressive $35 million each!

The winning numbers for Oz Lotto draw 1277 are 31, 26, 15, 21, 14, 24 and 40. The supplementary numbers are 33 and 3. Besides the two Division 1 winners, there are also 23 Division 2 winners – $32,521.30 richer each. There was a total of 1.17 million prizes and winnings across Divisions 2 to 7 worth over $26.4 million with winners all over Australia!

$35 million Oz Lotto winner from Lithgow, NSW

The first of the two Division 1 Oz Lotto winners was a 50-year-old man from Lithgow, NSW. As it happens, he was unaware of the win. It took a while for the news to sink in.

“Oh, fair dinkum? You’re kidding?! That is the best news I’ve had in a long time. Hallelujah!”

Once the winner was able to process the mind-blowing news, the hardworking man began to speculate at how he might use his $35 million windfall.

“It goes without saying I’ll be helping the kids out and I’m sure my retirement plans will be fast-tracked,” he said.

The winner is also excited that he can finally take a holiday he has been putting off for quite a while. He hopes that this holiday will be, “at the pointy end of the plane!”

“I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight!”

The winner, of course, wishes to stay anonymous. The winning ticket is his regular entry – a 6-game QuickPick ticket from his local newsagent.

$35 million Oz Lotto winners are a family syndicate from north-east Victoria

The second of the two Oz Lotto winners is a six-member family syndicate from north-east Victoria. The syndicate members are long-time players, who purchase their tickets online.

The family found out their ticket was a winning one by checking the results online, but still could not fully believe their luck until they made contact to confirm their staggering windfall.

When one of the winning women from the family was speaking to the lottery officials, she was as speechless as the family members surrounding her.

“There’s six of us in the syndicate, and everyone will be excited to know it’s all official. It actually ends up benefiting six families!” she shared.

The family was already exchanging messages in a group chat earlier that morning about how they can spend their share – now a hefty $5.8 million each!

“I know one family member is going to buy a new washing machine and another is going to get a water tank,” the excited woman said, “We are planning a holiday to Europe to visit family, and there is talk of celebrating a milestone birthday next year on a cruise!”

$80 million Powerball jackpot up for grabs tonight!

Oz Lotteries will experience huge demand for tickets this week as the combined prize pool for both Tuesday Oz Lotto and Thursday Powerball reaches an astounding $150 million!

Records have broken for the largest combined Division 1 jackpots and prize pools in Australian history.

While the $70 million Oz Lotto jackpot is gone, there’s still time to be in to win the $80 million Powerball – the largest jackpot Powerball to happen in nearly a decade!

The largest Oz Lotto win in history is $100 million from 6 November 2012, shared by four winners.

The record Powerball jackpot was $80 million on 30 July 2009, shared by two Division 1 winners.

The record jackpot won by a single Division 1 winner was $70 million Powerball, won by a retired couple from Hervey Bay on 7 January 2016.

There’s still a chance for Australians to become multi-millionaires every day! Get your tickets through the Oz Lotteries website or Oz Lotteries mobile app.

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