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Two Oz Lotteries Lotto Winners for Doubled Jackpot

Two Oz Lotteries Lotto Winners

Saturday Lotto draws usually have an exciting $5 Million Division 1 prize pool on offer. However, draw 4179 on Saturday 7 August 2021 saw a special $10 Million jackpot draw. This gave double the prize pool and players the chance to double their win. In an incredible turn of events, the doubled Division had two Oz Lotteries Lotto winners! 

The theme of two continued when it was discovered that both Oz Lotteries Lotto winners are men from NSW. Even more, they had the exact same winnings! The players both had the lucky Division 1 win and a Division 6 prize. They’re overjoyed to be walking away with an amazing $2,000,007.15! They share in the $10 Million Division 1 prize pool with another 3 winners around the country. 

This Saturday $5 Million*

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

Single father to buy own home

An Oz Lotteries customer of 5 years, one of the winners was in disbelief after seeing his Saturday Lotto results. The life-changing win was so shocking that he had to ask a neighbour to come and check it too! Overwhelmed by the news, he shared that he went for a 15km walk to try and wrap his head around the win and what it might mean.

Speaking with our Customer Support team on Monday, he couldn’t contain his excitement and gratitude. The humble man is a single parent to a teenage daughter. The new millionaire looks forward to celebrating with her by purchasing a home after 10 years of renting. He confessed that a new motorbike would be nice but his first purchase will likely be a much-needed new phone for his daughter. 

First home buyer shocks his parents

The second Division 1 player has been an Oz Lotteries customer for over 9 years! The man in his 30s had won smaller amounts over the years but was in complete shock after learning the draw results. The man was on a phone call to a friend at the time and admitted he had to hang up because he couldn’t process the news. He shared that shortly after this he called his parents who were also in complete disbelief! 

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me or anyone I know!” 

It was a restless weekend for the winner, who promptly called our Customer Support team on Monday morning to “check something”. Our support officer was thrilled to confirm the results and celebrated as he shared his plans. The newfound millionaire is eager to set himself up. He told us that he’s hoping to break his current lease and buy a house and car of his own. 

His advice to anyone wanting to win is that you have to be in it to win. He also encouraged players to verify your account so you can take full advantage of Oz Lotteries and withdraw your winnings! He confessed that he thought it was a ‘waste of time’ back in 2018 when he did it, but is grateful that he can play and take out winnings so easily now.

Congratulations to the lucky Oz Lotteries Lotto winners! 

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Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

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