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Top 20 Oz Lotto Facts You Need To Know


Whether you’re a lotto newbie or an experienced lotto player, here are the top 20 Oz Lotto facts you need to know!

  1. Oz Lotto has a guaranteed jackpot of $2 million every Tuesday.
  2. If there are no Division 1 winners, Oz Lotto jackpots the following Tuesday.
  3. Oz Lotto jackpots tend to follow a common pattern – $2 million, $5 million, $10 million, $15 million, $20 million, $30 million, $40 million, $50 million, $60 million, $70million, $80 million, $90 million, and $100 million. Any changes are at the discretion of lottery officials.
  4. Oz Lotto has a record jackpot of $100 million.
  5. You can buy Oz Lotto tickets from Oz Lotteries at any time during the week leading up to the draw on Tuesday. Buy them here.
  6. The Oz Lotto draw closes at 7pm AEST/8pm AEDT every Tuesday.
  7. The Oz Lotto draw time is 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT every Tuesday.
  8. You can view Oz Lotto results online soon after the draw every Tuesday.
  9. You must choose 7 Oz Lotto numbers between 1 and 45.
  10. Supplementary numbers from the 7 main numbers are used to determine prizes in minor divisions.
  11. You must match all 7 Oz Lotto numbers to win a Division 1 prize.
  12. You must match at least 3 main numbers plus 1 supplementary number to win any prize.
  13. The odds of winning Division 1 in Oz Lotto are 1 in 45,379,620.
  14. The odds of winning any prize in Oz Lotto are 1 in 7 with a 12-game Quickpick.
  15. You can increase the odds of winning with a Syndicate ticket by sharing the cost of tickets with more number combinations with other lotto players..
  16. You can increase the odds of winning with a System ticket by playing more number combinations per ticket.
  17. The most common main numbers in 2015 were 2, 33, 4, 19, 21, 26, 30, 36 and 45.
  18. The most common supplementary numbers in 2015 were 4, 28, 34, 41, and 45.
  19. Read all about recent Oz Lotto, Oz Lotto winners and jackpots here.
  20. You could be the next Oz Lotto winner with an online ticket!

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