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Three Times Lucky for Oz Lotteries Lotto Winners!

Oz Lotteries Lotto Winners

It’s been a big weekend for Oz Lotteries customers with three Oz Lotteries Lotto Winners! We’re celebrating not just one, but three Saturday Lotto players who are taking home the top Division 1 prize. The winners all had the 6 winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 4127 on Saturday 6 February 2021.  

Fast forward on savings

A woman from central Victoria has won $428,018.10 from just 4 standard games. The new TattsLotto winner discovered the news shortly after the draw on Saturday. She had to confirm the results with her husband. The winner shared that while she is excited to win, she barely slept all weekend waiting to speak with our team this morning. 

The windfall is a welcome surprise. The winner and her husband spent their weekend planning how to spend the prize. She plans to use some funds to pay off their home and car loans and renovations that they had been planning once they had enough money saved. 

Second generation Saturday Lotto winner

A Melbourne man in his 70s is “dumbfounded” after learning he was one of the Oz Lotteries Lotto winners. Not only did the winner take home a Division 1 prize, he also won twelve Division 3 prizes, and fifteen Division 4 prizes. Incredibly, he’s taking home $433,147.35! The winner shared that he was initially cautious that it was a scam, but was overjoyed to hear the results confirmed by our team. After the draw he spoke with his siblings and sons. 

Winning Lotto is a dream for many Australians, but for this lucky winner, it’s in his blood! He shared that his father previously won a large prize on Lotto – enough to retire. While he may have won like his father, the new winner is looking to set some of his prize aside for his sons and look at investing. 

Long time Oz Lotteries customer

Our third Oz Lotteries Lotto winner is a NSW man in his 70s. The winner has been playing with Oz Lotteries for 10 years! He won $433,147.35 from his System 8 entry. 

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

For your chance to win like these Oz Lotteries Lotto winners, make sure to get your Saturday Lotto ticket for the next draw.

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