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Three Division 1 Winners From Oz Lotteries

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That’s a hat trick! Oz Lotteries had a trifecta of Division 1 winners in the weekend’s $4,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw. Each of the lucky winners now has over $200,000 in their Oz Lotteries account online – what a way to begin 2016! Our customer support team personally contacted the three winners to share the amazing news and to explain the next steps.

The first winner was a man in his fifties from Stratton, a Perth suburb in Western Australia. His winning 27-game Standard ticket was purchased online from Oz Lotteries and brought him a total of $207,731.92 in Divisions 1 and 5.

The second winner was a man in his sixties located in a small town in the Liverpool Plains Shire in New South Wales. His winning 17-game Standard ticket brought him a Division 1 prize worth $207,714.12.

The third and final Oz Lotteries winner was also a man in his sixties who hails from the inner-western Sydney suburb of Balmain in New South Wales. He played a System 9 ticket and won prizes in multiple divisions totalling $221,013.87.

Oz Lotteries continues to be the online lotto store of choice for over a million of Australians with over $75 million in winnings distributed in 2015. In December 2015 alone, Oz Lotteries paid out over $4.5 million in prize money to its members after a run of massive jackpots including $40,000,000 and $50,000,000 Powerball and $30,000,000 Oz Lotto.

The Oz Lotteries winning streak had a spike in April 2015 when a woman from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales was the sole winner of the $30 Million Powerball jackpot. She just couldn’t believe her ears when the customer support team called her to share the good news.

“I was in total shock, and still am,” she told Oz Lotteries.

Her winning Super Combo Powerhit System 7, purchased on her mobile from Oz Lotteries, brought her a total of $30,522,908.50 in prize money from multiple divisions. After checking her email inbox to find a message from Oz Lotteries notifying her of the Division 1 win, the woman “screamed” to her husband that they might have won lotto.

“He thought it was spam mail… or a technical glitch… and everyone got a message saying they had won!” However it all became real once she received a confirmation phone call from the customer support team, and she was able to share the amazing news with her husband and mother.

Oz Lotteries customers can enjoy the security and ease of purchasing official Australian lotto tickets online from a licenced and accredited retailer. Every single ticket is a guaranteed draw entry purchased directly from the lottery operator, and prizes of every size are quickly available in your secure Oz Lotteries account following each draw. Identification is required to withdraw the winnings, meaning that only you can access your hard-earned money.

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