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Winning Oz Lotto: What Winners Don’t Want You To Know

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you won the lottery? Oz Lotto winners, like other lottery winners, have a wealth of information that they might not want you to know. Use their secrets to prepare for winning – either in the lottery or in life.

Don’t quit playing

Oz Lotto winners’ stories have a lot in common with all lottery winners. Although you might think that going on a wild spending spree after you hit the jackpot is the obvious thing to do, think again. Whether you win fifty dollars or fifty million, consider re-investing part of your winnings back into the lottery again.

According to a recent Reader’s Digest article, US lottery winners do just that, often winning again using their knowledge of the process to increase the odds in their favour. Studying the Oz Lotto statistics can give you insights on which numbers look like they’re performing better than others.

Or, you could cite the law of averages and go the other way, choosing numbers that haven’t come up in the results for a while. It’s your call, but we provide as much information as we can to help you with your number-picking choices.

However, don’t bet it all. Use wise money management principles to guide how you invest your winnings. Put aside the amount of money you’ll need to pay taxes on your lottery winnings, and then pay off debts, buy a home, and put some of it away in long-term investments.

This Tuesday $8 Million

Oz Lotto - 8 Million

Watch out for the sob stories

If the Oz Lotto results reveal that you’re a big winner, be careful who you share this news with. While we will never reveal your identity, it can be tempting for big winners to tell everyone they know. You could have friends and relatives ring your phone off the hook with a laundry list of their ‘needs’. While you could invest some of your winnings in a reputable charity, beware of the scams and the outstretched hands.

Don’t get jealous of other winners

We’ve seen it happen all too often. One person wins the minimum $2 million in the Oz Lotto and feels great about life. That is, until the next huge jackpot swings someone else’s way to the tune of $30 million.

Be happy with what you’ve won. Whether it’s thirty dollars or thirty million, it’s a windfall that you didn’t have before. Use it wisely, live your life, and realise that you’ve helped your community simply by playing – over $1.4 billion of funds from lottery tickets went back into the community last year. 

Beware of impulse buying

Think a shopping spree will be the best way to celebrate your winnings? Fancy cars lose their sheen – and their value – the moment you drive them off the showroom floor. That mansion you’ve been eying? Look at the tax you’ll be paying and the upkeep.

A retired couple or a family of four doesn’t need ten bedrooms and a full-time maid to keep it all clean. Those winnings will soon evaporate into the air in energy bills, taxes, and stuff you’ll never use.

Don’t expect to become one of the elite

Lotto winners who’ve given up their loyal long-time friends to soar with the snooty often discover that those with old money won’t associate with them. Keep your old friends, and then earn the respect of those who have built their wealth over time with wisdom, class, and good taste.

Has anyone recently won Oz Lotto?

On November 17 of last year, four people shared the $30 million jackpot, taking home $7.5 million each.

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1397 on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 were 25, 10, 39, 33, 2, 27 and 31. The supplementary numbers were 20 and 37.

The Macedon Ranges man held one of the four division one winning entries nationally in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw.

Two of the winners were from Victoria and one each from NSW and Western Australia – each winning $7.5 million.

Another winner of the multimillion-dollar prize, a man from Melbourne who purchased an 18-game QuickPick online, said he was still going to show up for work despite winning a slice of the jackpot.

Where were the latest Oz Lotto winners from?

These big winners came from all over Australia. Two call Victoria home, while the others reside in Western Australia and NSW.

Where was the Oz Lotto winning ticket sold?

With the advent of the pandemic, people have switched to buying lottery tickets online. Only one of the four winners picked up their ticket on “a whim,” while three of them were online buyers.

When you buy your ticket online with Oz Lotteries, you never have to check your results at the local store. We contact all the winners and deposit prize money into our customers’ online accounts. And, if you just can’t wait for the notification to arrive, you can check your results online.

Whether you win or lose, playing Oz Lotto is a lot of fun. To get in on the action and have a chance to join these four winners, grab your Oz Lotto ticket online or for any questions get in touch with our customer support team today.

Oz Lotto - 8 Million

This Tuesday $8 Million

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